This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 86-90

This Week On Pod Theory, I’m sharing ways you can generate leads from your podcast, some habits that will make you a better podcaster if you work them into your day-to-day routine, the importance of hydration as a podcaster, some commentary on Super Bowl ads vs. podcast ads, and a special look at ways to avoid burnout with Sara Makin, Founder of Makin Wellness. You can find all five of this week’s episodes below or on your favorite podcast app. Enjoy!

Episode 86: 5 Ways to Generate Leads From Your Podcast

A brand podcast has a ton of built-in value. Within your industry, you have the ability to connect with your audience on a medium that’s gaining new listeners by the day. You also have the ability to establish authority and trust – two of the biggest components a brand needs to succeed. That authority will not only earn you respect with your listeners, but others in your industry as well. 

With more and more brands getting on the podcast train, you want to be sure your show does all of the aforementioned PLUS one very important factor that will truly make your efforts worthwhile: you want to set your podcast up to generate leads. This will legitimize all of the effort you put into your podcast, as well as help you grow and reach levels of sustainability that will open up the door for a multitude of possibilities in the future.

In Episode 86 of Pod Theory, I’m sharing five strategies you can implement to generate leads from your podcast. This will enable you to maximize your podcast’s strength and give transform your listeners into valuable, long-term customers and brand advocates!

Episode 87: 6 Valuable Habits That Will Make You a Better Podcaster

On a daily basis, you should be focusing on developing good habits that improve your life. Whether it be habits that help you on a personal level or a professional level, committing to daily action will help those actions become habits. 

According to the book The One Thing, forming a solid habit takes 66 days, not 21 days as is commonly shared. The more time spent making a certain activity part of your everyday life, the more it becomes ingrained in your psyche. You do it unconsciously without even a thought. 

As a podcaster, there are certain habits you’ll want to incorporate into your practices to ensure you’re getting the most from your efforts. Consistency is the unspoken force behind developing any habit. If you don’t perform actions consistently, you can’t develop a habit. Sporadic action won’t lead to results, they’ll just lead to more sporadic action.

In Episode 87 of Pod Theory, I’m talking about developing strong habits that will not only make you a better podcaster, but a stronger person who attacks his or her day with power and passion. The six habits I’m sharing have all helped me develop my podcast, my business, and my daily method of attack. 

Episode 88: How Important is Hydration As a Podcaster?

It may not be something you think about, but proper hydration can lead to a more successful podcast. Keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day, every day, will lead to a much healthier voice. And that voice will lend itself to a better overall production.

As a podcaster, your voice is your biggest asset. And often times, that asset gets taken for granted. You literally wouldn’t have a podcast without your voice, so doing what you need to take care of your best asset doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. Not to mention all of the other health benefits drinking an adequate amount of water every day will bring you.

In Episode 88 of Pod Theory, I’m diving deeper into the subject of proper hydration and how it can help keep your pipes in A1 condition as you step behind the mic. Parts of today’s show are courtesy of speech pathologist Allison Picard.

Click here to read Allison’s article that I referenced on the show

Episode 89: Will Podcast Ads Ever Be As Big As Super Bowl Ads?

As this episode of Pod Theory goes live, we are just a few days away from Super Bowl 55 featuring the Tampa Bay Bucs versus the Kansas City Chiefs. It should be a great game and, like always, the spectacle that is the Super Bowl will feature a lavish halftime show and entertaining commercials (at $5.6 MILLION for 30 seconds a clip).

There’s no question that advertising has changed significantly over the years and the appeal of a Super Bowl advertisement (especially in a year where so many companies were impacted financially by COVID-19) with a lofty price tag has definitely decreased. Big brands whose ads were staples of the Super Bowl commercial slots for years will not be advertising this year, and it makes me wonder how many brands will covet this platform in years to come.

In Episode 89 of Pod Theory, I drop some commentary on whether podcast advertisements will ever reach the level of Super Bowl ads. Ads on podcasts reach a much more niche audience at a fraction of the cost. Will we one day see a podcast so big that running an ad on one of its episodes is equivalent to what we see during the BIG game? Only time will tell.

Episode 90: How to Conquer Burnout From Your Podcast

Burnout is an ailment that impacts thousands of people and can cause severe mental and physical damage if not dealt with accordingly. According to helpguide.org: Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

When it comes to podcasting, one of the biggest reasons I believe many shows stop dead in their tracks and podfade is because those behind the scenes don’t take the time to build a foundational plan that supports long-term growth. When podcasts are launched haphazardly, it’s inevitable that lack of planning will catch up to those creators…and that’s when burnout can rear its ugly head. They scramble, they throw ideas together for the sake of getting content out, and their show becomes more and more of a chore with each episode they produce.

In Episode 90 of Pod Theory, I’m joined by mental health professional Sara Makin, the Founder of Makin Wellness, to discuss ways you can prevent burning out while producing your podcast. Sara brings years of knowledge and experience helping her clients deal with various stages of burnout and will help you understand the early signs of burnout, how to prevent those signs from escalating, ways to bounce back should you experience full burnout, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Sara’s practice and how she and her team can help you with burnout and other potential mental ailments, please visit makinwellness.com and find them on your favorite social media platform @makinwellness.


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