POD THEORY: Episode 130 – “Landing a Celebrity or VIP Guest Will Make My Podcast Blow Up!”

One of the big misconceptions in podcasting is that landing a celebrity or VIP guest is going to be the ticket to huge growth and EVERYONE discovering your podcast.

The truth is, while having a celebrity guest on your podcast can be a lot of fun and bring a ton of value to your audience, it’s not going to make your show explode. There are several factors in play and it’s important to manage your expectations when you land someone big for your podcast.

In Episode 130 of Pod Theory, Travis Brown and I are exploring the celebrity/VIP guest dynamic and what it truly brings to your podcast. While it may not make your show explode, there are a lot of positives it can deliver…all of which will help you develop as a host AND bring a new layer of greatness to your production.

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