Simplify…and Focus On What You Can Control with Simon Severino | Evolution of Brand EP078

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The Goods From Simon Severino

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • If you can master what you can control, you will be able to cope with anything else that comes your way
  • Good marketing and branding shows your soul and showcases you being you
  • To follow Simon’s system and double your revenue in 90 days, focus on 1) Frequency of sales, 2) Conversion rate, and 3) The price you can charge for your offer and also put your attention on what will create growth versus what will stress you out

Show Notes

1:54 – A time when Simon listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:06 – Simon talks about how he and his brand have developed over the years and the three successful CEO habits he’s established and uses every single day

7:18 – A look at why we try to control everything and how that leads to us effectively losing sight of the things we can control
     – If you can master what you can control, you will be able to cope with anything else that comes your way

8:34 – With the digital landscape getting noisier and more crowded these days, what can brands do to stand out, get noticed, and keep their eyes on what they can control?
     – Good marketing and branding is showing your soul!
     – The hardest thing to do is stay the course
     – Be who you are and showcase that. Show up every day, regardless of the weather, and give those who will be your tribe the opportunity to find you
     – As soon as you put something online, you put yourself in a position to get negative comments and reviews. DO NOT BUY INTO THESE! These are not a reflection on you and your effort
     – Even The Holy Bible has a bunch of 1-star reviews on Amazon!
     – Flip how you evaluate negativity on its head. Instead of letting it derail you or make you think you need to change direction, ask what you can learn from it and perhaps gain the perspective of the commenter
     – You cannot interact with every single negative comment that comes your way or else you’ll burn out
     – “Differentiate who is in your arena and who is just a tourist. Don’t waste your time with tourists.” — Simon
     – Often times, when someone throws an insult at you, it’s more a reflection on them than it is on you

16:40 – Simon shares how you can identify bottlenecks in your brands in just eight minutes

20:30 – What is Simon’s definition of an agile business and is this something you can accomplish right away or is being an agile business something that’s earned over time? Also, Simon shares two stories why it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in your business
     – An agile business means you base your decisions on reality, not on narratives. You know marketing, sales, and ops numbers and can make key decisions based on those numbers

25:24 – What were some of the major lessons Simon learned in creating a book and getting it published?

27:30 – A major problem Simon has solved in the evolution of his brand that added value to his community

31:02 – As Simon built his CEO habits of daily, weekly, and monthly goals, was there anything else available that could help you in this arena?

32:55 – What is Simon’s proven approach to help you double your revenue in just 90 days?
      – Of all the things you have on your plate, select the few that move the following items forward by 25%:
          1. Frequency of sales
          2. Conversion rate
          3. Price you can charge for your offer
     – Focus on what is creating growth versus what is creating stress
     – Have fun with what you do!

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