The Key Secrets to Building a Flourishing Empire with Aleya Harris | Evolution of Brand EP024

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The Goods From Aleya Harris

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a corporate environment, you need to develop a personal brand
  • We live in a world where the final results and all the glamour are shoved in our face every day. And while you can appreciate that message, it’s important to realize that no one got to that point without effort, sacrifice, and dedication. You can emulate the success of other people, but you have to first emulate their work ethic
  • Marketing is about building lucrative relationships and the results you attain happen at the speed of building those relationships 

Show Notes

1:14 – A moment in Aleya’s life where she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

5:20 – How Aleya has grown through her entrepreneurial journey and what she’s learned along the way
     – She realized that she wanted to build an empire and that it’s hard to do that when you’re part of someone else’s empire
     – With her company, Flourish Marketing, Aleya gets to bring all of her experience together while helping others grow their businesses. She also gets to “love people through marketing and building their own empires”

11:20“We get these jobs for stability and security and that is a myth. If you were to pass away, your job would be posted before your obituary were out in the newspaper.” — Aleya Harris

12:46 – Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a corporate environment, you need to build a personal brand!
     – Things may be good today. But they may not be tomorrow. Prepare yourself!
     – The experience of hiring is different from what it was five years ago
     – Take time to figure yourself out, then learn how to communicate who you are in a calm, clear, and compelling way to people who are looking to interact with you

14:17 – The problem most people have with building a personal brand is…

15:53 – The power of building a platform so others can find you
     – It doesn’t happen overnight!
     – Think of an iceberg. All you see is the top (the glitz, the glamour, and the glory). But beneath the surface is a massive force that’s supporting that iceberg and driving it forward
     – We live in a world where we see so much of the glitz and the end result, we lose focus of what it took to produce that glitz and end result
     – You can emulate the success of other people, but you have to first emulate their work ethic
The only person who can stop you is yourself. If you put yourself in a position to quit because something “isn’t working,” no one told you that except yourself. Because you don’t see immediate results doesn’t mean something isn’t working. It just means not enough people have heard it yet. It’s up to you to keep making noise and providing value until they do

18:34 – “Willpower is a finite resource”
     – Are you applying the right metrics to understanding what success looks like?

20:29 – What does marketing truly mean today?
     – Marketing is building lucrative relationships
     – “Marketing happens at the speed of relationships” 
     – Marketing needs to effectively communicate the transformation people seek in a way that evokes emotion and response. Overselling and amplifying a message devoid of value will not resonate with your audience
     – It might take months, even years, to capture someone. But if you effectively provide value to potential clients and customers consistently, they’ll know you like family when they finally decide to make a purchase with you
     – Consistent marketing with a clear, compelling message will win people over. It just takes time and patience to make it happen
     – The most important relationships in your life happen through nurturing

28:18 – It’s OK to have a type (don’t be afraid to niche down)
     – Spraying and praying is rooted in fear. “I’m afraid abundance will not find me and I’m afraid to be specific. So I’m just going to do anything and everything. It’s more of a ‘freakout’ response that can cost you thousands, if not millions, of dollars”
     – As soon as you narrow down, YOUR people find YOU
     – You don’t need to be for everybody! Be for the people who find value in what you offer
     – Getting a ‘type’ is much more than just an intellectual exercise. It’s really about business self-care and how you can use your type to scale, grow, and stabilize your business

32:04 – What is the difference between marketing and branding?
     – Marketing encompasses anything that you use to build lucrative relationships. There is a number of activities underneath marketing (public relations, branding, social media, content creation, engagement, etc)
     – Branding (visual AND messaging) drives attraction and lets people know why they’re for you and you’re for them. It’s what you do articulating their problem, the emotion it causes, and what success looks like from working with you

34:17 – A major problem that Aleya has solved that’s added value to her community

35:30 – How The One Thing changed Aleya’s life
     – One of the best things Aleya has done for her business is to block time in her schedule every day to execute her most important work
     – Dedicating just 1.5 hours a day to focused, uninterrupted work allowed her to finish a major project that she had been struggling to finish for FOUR MONTHS!
     – Setting non-negotiable, unbreakable times with yourself to dive deeply into your most important work will lead to consistent, fruitful results
     – Pick up a copy of The One Thing today!

39:45 – Aligned Energy + Business Strategy = Thriving Empire — how can this formula be incorporated into your everyday practices?
     – “Your glow affects your cash flow. If you’re dim, your bank account is slim”

42:30 – What is the one fundamental aspect of marketing that no one in any space or niche can afford to ignore? 

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