Why Technology Will Never Replace Customer Service with Vince Cortese | Evolution of Brand EP050

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The Goods From Vince Cortese

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Companies that maintain high standards of customer service and support will stand out in today’s world. Many companies are trying to automate 100% of the process and, at the end of the day, human do business with other humans. If an actual person cannot help someone solve a problem, the damage done to that relationship could be irreparable
  • A strong customer support system will allow you to effectively communicate with existing customers and solve problems before they happen
  • Always check in with your existing customer base to let them know how much you value them as members of your community and to get feedback that will help you improve practices, products, and communications with potential customers in your marketing and brand-building efforts

Show Notes

1:57 – A time that Vince listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

4:12 – A journey down Vince’s entrepreneurial path and some lessons he learned along the way

11:35 – We are living in a world dominated by apps. Where is app technology going in the next few years and beyond?
     – Apps came to be because of what was already happening with websites and how society was shifting to smartphones
     – App technology allows a small business owner to be present on mobile much more easily than years past
     – Continued app presence means we need continued education for consumers
     – Apps turn individual customers into sales reps for your brand because you become such a part of their life
     – Apps allow a business owner to communicate with customers in a much more efficient fashion via notifications and consistent app updates
     – Apps are completely different from apps. Websites are a landing spot. An app is a tool that provides much more functionality to operate, sell, and communicate
     – As we progress, watch technology continues to gain traction

16:59 – What are some tips and strategies we need to keep in mind as we utilize the social web to advertise and promote our brands?
     – Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of someone who uses the social web to grow and project a message. That said, keep in mind that he has a team behind him that helps him build his presence EVERYWHERE. As a solopreneur, it can be much more efficient to build your presence on one platform and keep things manageable
     – You need to not just emulate what people have accomplished, but the work ethic it takes them to get where they are today
     – No matter what platform you’re using to amplify your brand message, if that message is not rooted in authenticity, we have no chance of reaching the level of success we seek

24:26 – What are some key focal points to sustaining an existing customer base?
     – SERVICE!
     – Are you continuing to communicate with your customers throughout the year?
     – Touch base with your customers AT LEAST once a quarter to keep the conversation going and let them know they’re a valuable part of your practices
     – If you’re not taking time to focus on the relationships you have in place and to find out why people have put their trust in you, you’re missing opportunities to grow AND create repeat business from your existing pool of customers
     – Utilize polls and surveys to gather data from your existing customers to help you make your business better
     – True customer support is happening BEFORE the customer has a problem 
     – Be smart with the information you receive from your existing customers. Utilizing this data effectively will allow you to grow at a much faster rate
     – You can solve problems before they even occur if your communication is effective and consistent

29:55 – Are standards of customer service declining and what kind of long-term impact is it having on customer retention?
     – Customer retention is declining just as rapidly as customer service because customers have so many options at their disposal
     – Many companies have their customer support and service set up to be fully automated and it never leads to speaking to an actual human. While this may seem convenient, it can upset a customer to the point they never spend money with your brand again
     – There is nothing wrong with a chatbot feature…as long as it escalates to actual human support if needed
     – Poor customer service can have a trickle-down effect where people start going outside of the actual company to find help, so they use a service where people will provide assistance, but they haven’t been fully trained and, therefore, don’t offer the level of service you need
     – Brands that are keeping customer service and support center stage are the ones that will stand out based on how many companies are not making support a top priority

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