Would You Rather Be Accountable or Count-On-Able with Jeff Cohen | Evolution of Brand EP125

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Episode 125 Quick Summary

In Episode 125 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Jeff Cohen, the author of Count-On-Able: A Practical Guide to Lift, Shift, and Empower You and Your Team. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the state of today’s global workforce, the true definition of being held accountable and why it can carry a negative connotation, why effective communication is critical from the top of your organization to the bottom, and how making yourself Count-On-Able can lead to more success on your professional path while leading to more balance and happiness as well.

The Goods From Jeff Cohen

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • The term “being held accountable” doesn’t exactly give you the best feeling. In many ways, it’s comparable to “being held at gunpoint.” Because of this connotation, nobody wants to be held accountable! But if you think of yourself as being “Count-On-Able,” it’s a state of empowerment and lets you work in your zone of genius, producing the best results for your brand or the people you serve
  • Bringing people onto your team for a specific role, then asking after they’re on board if they can fill numerous additional roles, is a poor way of communicating, does not set the table for a person to stay loyal to you, and can ultimately lead to burnout, health issues, a person leaving completely, and many other issues that don’t serve your long-term plans and retention
  • “If you’re everything to everyone, ultimately, you’re really nothing to nobody.” You become the most expendable person on your team when you say ‘YES’ to everything

What You’ll Discover In Episode 125 of Evolution of Brand

  • A look at Jeff’s professional journey, how it led to his current work, and some of the obstacles he’s overcome along the way
  • The state of today’s global workforce (hang on tight for some of the mind-blowing statistics)
  • Why the term “being held accountable” has a negative connotation
  • What does it mean to be “Count-On-Able?”
  • Why brands that hire people and put them in “frankenstein” roles (doing multiple projects and having many responsibilities) without setting proper expectations are not setting themselves up for long-term growth and employee/partner retention
  • Why people will look at you differently if you prioritize relationships and putting yourself in a much more Count-On-Able space
  • Why being Count-On-Able can be used as a weapon AND a tool
  • How ineffective communication can leads to overwhelm
  • Is there a way to set boundaries AFTER you’ve already been labeled a “utility player?”
  • Is micromanagement born from people being hired for a specific role, then given several additional roles and management making sure they remain accountable for their results?
  • Why active communication needs to be aligned from the top of an organization to the bottom
  • Why CEOs, owners, and leaders need to be seen as actual humans and show vulnerability to build trust
  • The main reason you need to put people first

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