What Are Your Expectations For Podcast Guesting?

It Starts With Proper Expectations

There are many advantages at your disposal when you position yourself as an impactful, value-driven podcast guest. Some of those advantages are:

  • Having your brand message amplified on a global scale
  • Partaking in high-level networking with people who share your passions
  • Having a platform to showcase your expertise
  • The ability to establish authority and grow your know-like-trust factor
  • Getting the opportunity to impact a new audience with each appearance

There are plenty more reasons why you should be planning to implement podcast guest marketing into your brand-building initiatives. But all of the aforementioned points above, as well as the items we haven’t talked about (yet) are not attainable if you don’t proceed with a solid strategy OR if your expectations are out of line.

Without question, the podcast medium has a lot to offer. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be talking right now. I firmly believe this is the best way to enhance your exposure and find targeted audiences to impact.

But if you have grand visions of landing a guest spot on the biggest show in the world and having it deliver you all the results you’ll ever need or going on as many podcasts as you can possibly do and having that be your silver bullet, I’m glad you’re reading this today…because those types of expectations will bring you nothing but disappointment in the end.

There’s a very simple phrase I know you’ve heard before that I want you to keep front of mind as you establish yourself as a podcast guest:

Quality Over Quantity.

I’m also going to share a quote from my friend Tom Schwab, Founder of Interview Valet and my guest on Episode 011 of Evolution of Brand:

“Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.”

When it comes to making podcast guest appearances, your goal is to find shows that align with your mission and message. Size does not matter.

What matters is the quality of the content being presented on the podcast. Is it relative to your expertise and, if you joined that host to collaborate, would your message leave that show better than you found it?

If you can do that, you win, the podcaster wins, and the audience wins.

The size of the audience when you make your appearance does not matter for these two reasons:

  1. If the audience is comprised of your target customers, you could be speaking to 10 people, 100 people, or 10,000 people and you can be confident it’s making an impact. If your message is being received by the right people, it’s only a matter of time before they seek you out for additional value.
  2. Podcasts are evergreen and always growing. As podcasters continue to add valuable content to their catalog, it gives listeners more reason to stay invested and, ultimately, recommend that content to others in their circle. When each listener does that, the audience grows exponentially. And each new audience member that finds a show will most likely consume your episode as they get caught up on what they’ve missed.

Landing on the biggest podcast in the world may be great for the ego and if Joe Rogan’s people ever come knocking, I say get your game face on and join him for an epic conversation! But, don’t think that one guest appearance in front of a massive audience is all you’ll ever need.

For one, chances are high that Joe Rogan isn’t looking for you. And if he is, his audience may be massive, but they’re not geared towards your product, service, or offer. 

While getting exposure on a podcast with a large audience could potentially deliver some results, it doesn’t always feature your target customer. Podcasts with smaller audiences are typically much more defined and, if their message aligns with yours, more apt to deliver the results you seek.

Again, if the big shows come calling, go for it. But always keep in mind that one big appearance won’t tell the whole story. It’s just one chapter in the book.

When embarking upon podcast guesting opportunities, it’s important to set your expectations in the beginning stages of the process and make sure those expectations are realistic. Thinking results will fall in your lap after one interview on the biggest show in your space or doing as many appearances as possible on shows that don’t jive with your brand is a line of thinking you need to pour cold water on right now.

Instead, be realistic. Focus on items you can control. Such as:

✅ Being a guest who brings value to every guest appearance
✅ Building your interview schedule in a way that allows you to manage it properly and not get overwhelmed
✅ Preparing for each interview and knowing what each podcast is all about
✅ Asking each host before the interview starts, “What can I do to bring the most value to our conversation today?”
✅ Showing up on time for each appearance and giving the host your undivided attention. Don’t play on your smartphone during the conversation (yes, I’ve seen this happen).
✅ Understanding podcasts are always growing and your value will be found for months, even years after your appearance goes live
✅ Providing ONE CLEAR Call To Action as you wrap up each interview so listeners know exactly where to go next
✅ Speaking clearly, confidently, and powerfully!

That should get you started. Set those expectations now and get yourself in a better position to experience results when you rock that microphone!

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