Even Ugly Websites Sell With Effective Messaging with Yanique DaCosta

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Episode 150 Quick Summary

In Episode 150 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with graphic design and visual storytelling aficionado Yanique DaCosta. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the life-changing moments that led to Yanique making major transitions in her personal and professional life, the importance of proper, impactful messaging on your website, why even the ugliest of websites will still generate sales if messaging is on point, and tips for delivering the best experience possible for all of your website visitors.

The Goods From Yanique DaCosta

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Not necessarily related to the business focus of this episode, but if you ever have a premonition about needing to connect and/or spend time with a loved one, don’t ignore it. You never know if it’ll be your last chance to do so. The first few minutes of this conversation will reveal why
  • As this episode goes live, it’s 2023. The world has changed and it’s time to accept the fact that good business can be done in profound ways in a virtual setting. Many professionals work with others having never met in person. The pandemic normalized a world of maximizing resources and connections and leveraging virtual relationships
  • While the aesthetics of a website do play a role, it’s important to realize that even the ugliest of websites can still generate sales IF the messaging is on point. If your messaging doesn’t speak to the right audience or guide people on a journey that leads them to the final result you’re seeking, even the most well-designed, attractive websites can be thrown out the window

What You’ll Discover In Episode 150 of Evolution of Brand

  • Yanique shares how her brand has evolved, as well as a story that changed the course of her life, both personally and professionally
  • The digital strategies and platforms that have helped Yanique take her brand to the next level
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic normalized doing business virtually and why that approach will continue to thrive going forward
  • The best ways to attract website visitors, as well as keep them there
  • Why your website is irrelevant if you don’t TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT!
  • The importance of messaging and why even the ugliest websites will generate sales despite ugly aesthetics
  • Why your website needs to solve problems and provide transformation
  • An example of an UGLY website that generates sales all day, every day
  • Why your website needs to give visitors the ability to take action in the most convenient of ways
  • A new way to look at designer’s in today’s digital space – designing for sales instead of aesthetics

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