The Impact of Data On Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy with Caleb Roche

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Episode 149 Quick Summary

In Episode 149 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with digital marketing extraordinaire Caleb Roche. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover strategies you can use to enhance your social media presence, how a well-curated social media strategy fuels customer retention, how to analyze data from your customers and followers to build better marketing campaigns, and the most value ways to leverage that data to stimulate growth in your brand.

The Goods From Caleb Roche

  • Connect with Caleb and set up a free consultation to get your marketing on point | crocheconsulting.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • It’s a saying that’s been echoed through the annals of time, but it bears repeating: ALWAYS underpromise and overdeliver. That type of communication will not put you in awkward positions with your clients and allow for realistic expectations to set and met
  • With the way social media has evolved (and what Gary Vaynerchuk has deemed “the TikTokification” of social media), it’s important to discover what your target audience responds to and, once you do, don’t deviate from that type of content. Many people strike gold with a certain piece of content, then try something different. Instead, double down on the content that delivers results
  • Effectively analyzing data collected from social media campaigns can lead to more conversions…which is the most critical piece for all brands. It’s not about vanity metrics. It’s about generating content that drives sales and customer acquisition 

What You’ll Discover In Episode 149 of Evolution of Brand

  • Caleb shares how his brand has evolved since breaking into the entrepreneurial space
  • How to learn from past mistakes and apply what you’ve learned to your next attempts
  • Why underpromising and overdelivering will never go out of style
  • A strong tip for building an exceptional customer experience
  • How well-curated social media campaigns can fuel customer retention
  • Ways social media has evolved that allow you to make better connections with current and potential customers
  • How to analyze data to make necessary improvements and pivots to your messaging strategies
  • Does today’s social media content have more shelf life than years past?
  • What you can learn from the raw data collected from social media
  • The importance of getting people to your website from social media where you can control the narrative and not be susceptible to potential changes happening on said social networks
  • Is there value in going “all in” on one platform while removing yourself from others?
  • Caleb explains the first step you should take to improve your social media marketing approach

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