The Best Marketing Strategy For Small Business Brands

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Episode 160 Quick Summary

In Episode 160 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with marketing strategy aficionado Brooke Chapman. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover why you can’t let FOMO dictate your marketing approach, the elements you need to build your marketing foundation upon, whether giving away too much content has a negative impact on your brand, and marketing strategies you can implement today that will help your brand win.

The Goods From Brooke Chapman

  • Connect with Brooke and check out her marketing strategy benchmark quiz | Click Here

Top 3 Takeaways From Value-Packed Conversation

  • So many resources get wasted when you don’t implement and execute an effective marketing strategy for your brand, the most prevalent of those resources being time. If you get wrapped up in FOMO and feel you need to build a presence at every corner of the digital space in spite of your bandwidth, your attention gets divided you end up costing yourself opportunities 
  • Your strategy serves as your foundation. If you try to build your brand with no foundation, everything will inevitably fall apart and crumble. Addressing your strategy from the onset of your efforts will allow you to grow systematically and make key changes and pivots when needed, not just on a whim
  • Marketing strategies are subjective. You cannot carbon copy a competitor or someone else in your industry and expect the exact same results. Your strategy needs to be akin to your beliefs, philosophies, and unique selling proposition. There may be elements you can emulate from others, but your strategy needs to speak to your uniqueness and why your brand is the one people should trust

What You’ll Discover In Episode 160 of Evolution of Brand

  • Brooke shares how her brand has evolved over the years
  • The biggest resource you waste when you don’t have a sound marketing strategy in place
  • Why you can’t let FOMO drive your decisions to build a marketing strategy
  • Why there’s a strategy gap for many small and medium-sized businesses and brands
  • The difference between a marketing strategy and “random acts of marketing”
  • What you need to focus on from the very beginning to ensure your strategy is sound
  • Why you can’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to marketing strategy and try to carbon copy what others in your space are doing
  • Do brands give away too much of their strategy based on the content they share?
  • How thinking and working collaboratively can change the world
  • How many customers can your business truly serve (do you have a sustainable growth plan?)
  • Tips and strategies for building and implementing a repeatable marketing strategy

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