Master These Two Fundamental Skills and You’ll Be Set For Life with Ann Carden | Evolution of Brand EP115

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Episode 115 Quick Summary

In Episode 115 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Ann Carden, a successful business consultant, growth strategist, author, and podcast host with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. In this discussion, you’ll discover why it’s vital to make investments in training, coaching, and support if you want your brand to take off, growth strategies that apply to both the online and offline space, tips and tactics for establishing authority and enhancing your brand as a podcast guest, and the two most important fundamental skills you can master that will lead to success and income in perpetuity.

The Goods From Ann Carden

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • If you can master the skills of sales and marketing, you will always have success, always have income, and always have a way to navigate through the darkest of times
  • Do not look at spending money on coaching, training, or anything that will aid and support your growth efforts as debt. Instead, look at it as an investment that will make you a wiser, better equipped brand/business owner
  • With the number of options at customer’s disposal today, you have to strive to be the best at all times. You can’t muddle along or else you’ll get left behind and complacency will set in

What You’ll Discover In Episode 115 of Evolution of Brand

  • Background on Ann’s 3+ decades of success in the entrepreneurial space
  • Some of the mistakes Ann has made growing businesses that you should avoid
  • Strategies Ann recommends instead of trying to bootstrap everything
  • Why you need to make smart investments in training, coaching, and support to aid your growth
  • The reason why fundamental skills (and continuing to build upon them) will ALWAYS be the gold standard
  • The fact that you can’t hide anywhere. People will look into you as deep as they can to establish trust
  • Reasons why you need to stay on the cutting edge of relevance in the market and NEVER GET COMPLACENT
  • Marketshare can be won…but it can be lost just as easily
  • Strategies that are useful in both the online and offline arenas
  • Why communication skills are always prevalent regardless of where, when, or how you’re building your brand
  • What happens when you only build your business on social media like Facebook
  • Tips and strategies for closing sales and making the sales experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved
  • How effective podcast guest appearances can warm up the sales process
  • Why you absolutely, with no excuse, need to share any podcast guest appearance you make with your audience

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