Steal These Tips For Integrated Marketing Domination In Your Brand with Anika Jackson | Evolution of Brand EP132

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Episode 132 Quick Summary

In Episode 132 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with podcasting, PR, and marketing extraordinaire Anika Jackson. Anika is the Founder of Your Brand Amplified, hosts a podcast by the same name, and is bringing a wealth of goods to the show today. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover how the marketing and PR world has grown and evolved over the years, the fundamentals of integrated marketing and the tremendous impact they can play on your brand, how to avoid major PR nightmares and disasters as you grow and scale your operations, and game-changing tips and strategies both Jason and Anika use to leverage podcasting in their practices that you can implement as well.

The Goods From Anika Jackson

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Making the decision to merge your brand with another is a major undertaking and should never be taken lightly OR executed without the right amount of due diligence. Remember, you can like someone and respect what they do, but it doesn’t always mean your philosophies will align in a business setting. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and understand it’s OK to say no
  • Utilizing integrated marketing strategies can take your brand to a much higher level. Connecting with others to share content and expose your goods to a new audience opens up a plethora of opportunities that will play a critical role in the growth of your brand
  • Avoid potential PR nightmares by having a clear, concise message that translates to a diverse audience. A little controversy can stimulate awareness and sales, but proceed with the proper plan so it doesn’t come unraveled quickly (SEE: Kanye West)

What You’ll Discover In Episode 132 of Evolution of Brand

  • A major lesson Anika learned when she merged her company with another
  • How marketing, branding, and PR has evolved over the years
  • A flashback to AOL and Yahoo! Chat Rooms (yep, we went there)
  • What is integrated marketing and what role does it play in your brand if you leverage it significantly?
  • An in-depth look at the P.E.S.O. Model
  • The sheer amount of content you can pull from one podcast episode recording (repurposing)
  • What you’re missing if you’re doing podcast guest appearances and not doing this
  • Where brands are falling short implementing integrated marketing strategies
  • Is a little controversy good for business?
  • How to be smart and nimble with your brand messaging so you can avoid PR nightmares
  • How podcasting impacted Anika’s brand
  • Podcasting tips and strategies you can implement in your brand-building practices

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