Pro Tips On Thought Leadership, Content, and LinkedIn Strategy with Gina Riley

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Episode 145 Quick Summary

In Episode 145 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with career transition coach and strategist Gina Riley. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover why thought leadership is such a vital element of your professional success, how to leverage LinkedIn to make lucrative connections and position yourself as a thought leader, and the best ways to leverage your content so your thought leadership grows and you become THE go-to resource in your niche.

The Goods From Gina Riley

LinkedIn Resources Gina Recommends

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • An “expert” is someone who is well-practiced in a specific area of expertise and has an evidence trail leading to what they do. But thought leadership takes things to a higher level by creating a “water cooler” of specific topics that makes people gravitate to the valuable advice and guidance you’re providing
  • When it comes to what you post for content, a general rule of thumb is to not post something you’d look back on in your later years and regret. There is a sense of permanence on the Internet and, if you feel something you’d post today would make your future self roll their eyes, save it. Not everything needs to be posted online!
  • Content strategy isn’t just about posting your own. It’s about interacting with other people’s content that’s relevant to your niche. Comment, share, provide additional insights, respectfully disagree and explain why. It’s all about collaboration and helping each other grow

What You’ll Discover In Episode 145 of Evolution of Brand

  • Gina shares how her brand has evolved over the years
  • How Gina helps people making transitions in their careers, whether it’s within a company or breaking out on their own
  • What thought leadership is all about and how it can impact your growth
  • Are there differences or parallels between “thought leaders” and “experts”
  • Is there more value in being known for one thing or being known for multiple things?
  • What are the best ways to position your content and have a healthy mix of personal AND business-centric posts?
  • How did Gina start building thought leadership in her niche?
  • Why content strategy isn’t just about your own postings
  • Behaviors preventing professionals from elevating their thought leadership status
  • Gina provides a crash course on managing hashtags, links, and post scheduling on LinkedIn
  • Why you need to choose the right platform (the one where your target customers are) to run your content strategy 
  • One solid pointer that will allow you to start emphasizing thought leadership today

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