A Game-Changing Convo About Perseverance, Achievement, & Marketing Therapy with John Follis | Evolution of Brand EP105

Check out the video John and I discussed in this episode!

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Episode 105 Quick Summary

In Episode 105 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with advertising and marketing therapy extraordinaire John Follis for an in-depth conversation about overcoming adversity, the evolution of advertising, and how John brought the philosophy of “marketing therapy” to life. In this discussion, you’ll discover how John’s illustrious career in advertising was almost derailed before it started, how he kept a positive mindset through firings and shortcomings, the energy you need to create memorable campaigns, and how John’s marketing therapy approach has helped take many small businesses to new levels of success.

The Goods From John Follis

  • Connect with John, discover how he can help your brand thrive, and learn more about Big Idea Video | follisinc.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Sticking to your goals is all about determination. If you can accept the fact that curveballs will come your way and no path to success is linear, the more determined you’ll be to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of reaching your goals and aspirations
  • Before spending a ton of money on what you feel is an advantageous move for your brand, look at the big picture objectively and spend wisely and strategically. It may require a second and even third opinion, but it’s better to connect with experts who can point you in the right direction before spending your money blindly and getting little to no ROI
  • Powerful marketing is not just about engaging people, but exciting them so they respond 

What You’ll Discover In Episode 105 of Evolution of Brand

  • The story of how John’s advertising career almost got derailed before it started (also see video above)
  • What causes people to change course and give up on their goals so quickly when something bad happens?
  • How to deal with the inevitable curveballs you’re going to face building your brand
  • How John kept a positive mindset after getting fired four time before launching his own advertising firm
  • The most memorable advertising campaign John built and how it opened up new opportunities
  • The pivot John had to make when owning an advertising agency in the late ’90s became “less sexy” due to the rise of digital
  • How the idea of “marketing therapy” came to life
  • How John utilized his past skills in his current marketing therapy practices
  • Some of the major obstacles small business owners are facing as digital marketing continues to evolve

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