How to Manage Crisis In Your Brand with Dave Oates | Evolution of Brand EP111

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Episode 111 Quick Summary

In Episode 111 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Crisis Communications whiz Dave Oates for an in-depth conversation on the importance of managing your brand’s online reputation. In this discussion, you’ll discover what crisis communications is all about and why it’s such a vital element of your brand’s overall health, some of the do’s and don’ts you need to understand regarding the management of your brand’s online rep, how being humble and empathetic can diffuse almost any potential crisis, and the best way to be prepared should an online crisis rear its head in your world today.

The Goods From Dave Oates

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • When you find a passion, there’s an uncharted path to getting where you want to go. You need to ask questions and be in full discovery mode to find the steps to take. Once you’ve discovered those steps, don’t be afraid to take them!
  • No matter how big your company and brand may be, your reputation can change almost instantly. Sometimes, all it takes is one bad social media post. It’s imperative to stay on top of your reputation and NEVER IGNORE anything that can damage your presence for the long run
  • A crisis situation, while not the most pleasant to deal with, can present a great opportunity to showcase your customer service and empathy skills. How you handle those situations in plain sight for everyone to see can speak volumes to the level of care you put into the brand experience you’re building for customers. 

What You’ll Discover In Episode 111 of Evolution of Brand

  • Dave shares some of the events that have unfolded that got him to where he is today
  • Why you need to enjoy the journey and not be focused on just getting “that one hit”
  • Why is crisis communications so vital to brands today and how can one social media post change everything for a brand’s online rep?
  • The reason it’s so important to emphasize anything you put online for public consumption
  • Never be the last to know that something negative is being spread about your brand online
  • Why you need to be humble, vulnerable, and own situations you’ve screwed up – crisis situations can actually give you an opportunity to shine
  • The most escalated crisis Dave has ever handled (you don’t want to miss this story) and how this person’s online rep has been rehabbed thanks to his help
  • The Must Do’s and NEVER Do’s when it comes to managing a crisis in your brand
  • Can you be proactive and prepare for a potential crisis?
  • Who should act as a spokesperson in the event of a crisis?
  • What should you do right now to give your brand a much-needed reputation check?

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