Don’t Speak to Inform…Speak to Transform with Peter George | Evolution of Brand EP110

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Episode 110 Quick Summary

In Episode 110 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with public speaking extraordinaire Peter George for a needle-moving conversation about how to take your public speaking skills to the next level. In this discussion, you’ll discover the real reason why so many people fear public speaking, how to know when you’ve nailed any speech or presentation, practical tips for becoming a more confident speaker, and a very important act that you already do every day that will help you in any speaking engagement you have.

The Goods From Peter George

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • The art of conversation is one of the most coveted approaches to success, no matter what industry or space you exist in. When you can have powerful conversations with others and communicate on a powerful level, many pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. Honing this skill set will also impact your audience as a whole, bringing them the transformation they sought when they decided to turn to your guidance. As Peter says, “Don’t speak to inform. Speak to transform”
  • Preparation plays a critical role in public speaking. If you try to “wing it,” it’s the epitome of disrespect to yourself and your audience. People are investing in you to bring them a result and if you fall short because you didn’t prepare, you cause serious and sometime irreparable damage to your brand and may find it difficult to find future speaking engagements
  • Breathing is one of the most important elements to success in any public speaking engagement. Practice breathing techniques prior to your presentations and, of course, breathe naturally during your presentations as well

What You’ll Discover In Episode 110 of Evolution of Brand

  • What Peter does in the public speaking space and some of the events that got him to where he is today
  • Why you need to hone your skill set when it comes to having real, engaging conversations
  • The importance of understanding that your speech, presentation, etc isn’t about you…it’s about your audience
  • How impactful, effective presentations and speeches can transform those who hear it
  • Why you need to be a guide and let your audience members be the hero in their story – if you have the knowledge, you’re the guide, not the hero
  • Are people really deathly afraid of public speaking?
  • A much better way to approach public speaking that will alleviate fear and help you appreciate the adrenaline each situation brings you
  • The roles preparation and research play in public speaking engagements
  • Why you can’t distract your audience while you’re presenting
  • Communication isn’t always about what’s said…it’s often about what isn’t said
  • The power of silence and pausing – “fillers are killers”
  • Tips and strategies to help you prepare for your next public speaking engagement
  • How to know you’ve absolutely nailed your speech or presentation
  • The one thing you do every day that will help you be a better public speaker

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