A Blueprint For Recalibrating Your Mindset with Alundas Havens | Evolution of Brand EP142

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Episode 142 Quick Summary

In Episode 142 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with podcaster, Marine Corps veteran, father, and entrepreneur Alundas Havens. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover tips and strategies for recalibrating your mindset, what it means to “flip the script,” why “digging deeper” with those around you will enhance conversations and strengthen relationships, and the importance of self-evolution and how to reach heights you never thought were possible.

The Goods From Alundas Havens

  • Connect with Alundas, discover his podcasts, and find him on your favorite social network | thewinnersparadigm.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Whether you’re flipping the script in your world, rolling out a new initiative in your brand, or on a mission to make subtle changes in your life, there is one common denominator that ties it all together and makes everything move forward: ACTION. If you don’t take action, NOTHING will change
  • Find ONE THING that will move the needle and focus on that. Too often, we consume a podcast or a book and feel we need to implement EVERYTHING we just learned. And that’s impractical. Put emphasis on one thing that will put you in a better position to win and don’t stray until the needle moves. Then, build on your efforts from there
  • “Digging deeper” into what makes someone tick and not simply accepting surface-level answers is a great way to have more meaningful, genuine conversations with those in your circle, thus leading to more rewarding relationships

What You’ll Discover In Episode 142 of Evolution of Brand

  • Alundas shares how his brand has evolved and what motivates him to keep building on his success
  • How Alundas has built his brand through his podcast content
  • Big reasons why repurposing your podcast content for other platforms is HUGE for visibility and exposure
  • What does it mean to ‘flip the script,’ how did it change Alundas’ life, and how do you know it’s time to take those steps?
  • Why NOTHING will happen unless you take action
  • Tips and strategies for making the first steps towards taking action and experiencing real gains in your life
  • The importance of finding and focusing on one thing that will move the needle instead of getting derailed by paralysis by analysis
  • Why “digging deeper” is so vital to growth and evolution
  • Digging deeper leads to better conversations and even more beneficial relationships
  • An inside look at both of Alundas’s podcasts
  • The importance of self-evolution and keeping focus on achieving goals you never thought imaginable 
  • Why you always need to strive to be the absolute best at what you do
  • Why failure is a good thing and a necessity to growth
  • The reasons why everything in life comes back to relationships 

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