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Episode 146 Quick Summary

In Episode 146 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with business success coach Victor Manzo for an in-depth conversation about mindset. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover why mindset is the driving force behind EVERYTHING you do in life, reasons why so many people struggle with mindset on a personal and professional level, the impact your mindset has on physical and mental ailments (as well as how your brand and skill sets develop), and whether or not human beings can be truly limitless.

The Goods From Victor Manzo

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Your thoughts and how you see something is how it’s going to be. So if you fear something in your mind, it’s going to be difficult to overcome that fear…or not have it play some sort of role in how you function. Combine that with the conditioning we get from media about the negativity in our world and it can alter your mindset in a big way if you don’t put effort on accentuating the positives
  • When we’re toddlers and children, failure is expected and it’s ultimately how we gain the cognitive function to do everything we do (move, crawl, walk, talk, etc). But for whatever reason, we run from failure as adults and don’t embrace it for the positives it can bring us. Embrace failures and learn from your mistakes – it’s the only way you can continue to grow and evolve
  • One of the big reasons why many people don’t want to shift their mindset is because it requires shattering limitations and moving beyond your comfort zone. In order to grow beyond your capacity, you need to stretch yourself. You’re either growing or shrinking…and growth requires the right mindset and a willingness to take steps beyond the comfort levels that offer no challenges

What You’ll Discover In Episode 146 of Evolution of Brand

  • Victor shares what he does and how is brand has evolved over the years
  • Some of the parallels Victor has discovered in his chiropractic work and mindset
  • The #1 reason so many people struggle with mindset in their personal and professional life
  • Why you need to embrace failure like you did when you were an infant and toddler
  • The role mindset plays on mental and physical ailments
  • What keeps people locked into their comfort zone and unwilling to shift their mindset?
  • Why you can learn so much about yourself and your character if you embrace the unknown and face your fears head on
  • How to avoid paralysis by analysis with all the information available to us today
  • Can human beings be truly limitless?

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