How to Find Podcast Guest Appearances That Fit Your Brand

Choose Your Podcasts Wisely

Finding podcasts that align with your mission and message is the only way to make your guest marketing campaigns effective.The benefits a well-curated, properly-executed podcast guest marketing campaign bring your brand are plentiful. Increased exposure, authority positioning, thought leadership, high-level networking, SEO boosts…and we’re just getting the party started.

Today, let’s put our focus on the ‘well-curated, properly-executed’ portion of that last sentence. In order to get results that serve you and your brand in perpetuity, you need to make guest appearances on podcasts that align with your brand’s mission, message, and identity.

Anything else would be futile.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say your brand is dedicated to environmental cleanup. Would your message be well-received on a podcast that covers fantasy football? Of course not!

I’m not saying that guys and gals that play fantasy football don’t care about the environment. But they don’t listen to that podcast for content about environmental cleanup. They listen for advice, tips, and strategies for beating their friends at fantasy football.

Bottom line: your message isn’t going to resonate with that audience, so why waste your time?

Instead, shift your focus to podcasts whose audiences are comprised of listeners seeking more knowledge on the subject you specialize in.

When you make guest appearances on podcasts that speak to your target audience, you create numerous opportunities for visibility, authority, and growth. These audiences share the same passions as you and, when you serve them a message that entertains, educates, informs, and/or solves a problem, you deliver a notarized invitation for them to come into your circle of influence for even more value.

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How to Find the Right Podcasts

There are plenty of ways to discover podcasts in your niche for guest appearances:

  • Ask for podcast recommendations from your friends, family, colleagues, and your existing audience
  • Google ‘podcasts about [INSERT INDUSTRY/NICHE/SPECIALTY]’ and evaluate the returns
  • Conduct a similar search in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Podchaser
  • Conduct a similar search on your favorite social media platforms
  • Check out the Top 200 Charts in Apple Podcasts
  • Sign up for free services/newsletters like Find That Pod or Matchmaker.fm
  • Create a profile on PodMatch (I use this service religiously and highly recommend)
  • Outsource podcast research to an agency or guest booking specialist (email me for assistance on this)

There are three million+ podcasts in the world right now, and that number is growing by the day. Using any of the aforementioned search methods will help you zero in on shows that align with your mission and message.

Now that you’ve found podcasts where your knowledge and expertise will serve the audience, answer the following questions before reaching out (this research will solidify if it makes sense to reach out to a particular podcast):

  • Is the podcast still producing content? If they’ve podfaded (no longer are producing content), your outreach will fall on deaf ears.
  • What’s the podcast’s ‘aesthetic appeal?’ Cover art, description, show titles, show notes…are these items representing the show in a quality fashion?
  • What do the ratings and reviews say? You don’t have to make or break your decision based this, but it’s good to see what listeners have to say.
  • What’s the podcast’s presence beyond the podcast? Website, social media, YouTube, etc…this will showcase how your interview will be shared with the world via their platform.
  • What is the overall production quality? Audio quality, conversation flow, clearly edited…TLC, or tender loving care, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, goes a long way and proves how much time producers put into their content.

Positive results from your podcast guest marketing efforts starts with finding the right shows to join. Podcasts outside of your niche will not serve you as well as shows that are focused on your specialties, regardless of audience size.

Choose your podcasts wisely…and have fun sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world!


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