Why Don’t More Podcast Guests Do This?!?

If you're providing multiple calls to action at the end of your podcast interview, you're costing yourself big opportunities.If you’ve listened to a podcast recently, you’re aware of what I’m about to share.

The conversation between the host and guest is great. There’s true chemistry, solid rapport, intriguing back and forth, and an ocean full of value for you to consume.

As the conversation reaches its conclusion, the host asks, “Where can we connect with you to learn more about you, get more value, etc?”

The guest, in turn, replies with something akin to the following:

“Absolutely! You can connect with me on my website at [INSERT WEBSITE]! I’m also on LinkedIn at this address and you can check out my reels on Instagram, I’m at this handle and then you can also watch similar but slightly different videos on my TikTok channel and oh, I’m also on YouTube so you can watch me there and of course you have Facebook so come like my page and I do blog posts for this site here and every Wednesday I meet with my frisbee golf team for beers at the local pub so you can find me there from 7 to 10:34pm and make sure to send me an ICQ message on Mondays which I won’t see til Thursday, but send it and we’ll connect and then………………………………………………”

OK, time to bring listener experience to the front of the class for a moment. If you’re on the other end of this digital destination diatribe, are you going to A) know where this person wants you go, or B) take any action at all?


As the world continues to turn, our attention spans are slipping juuuuuust a little bit more each and every day.

If a listener is driving their car, can you honestly expect them to remember 20-25 destinations when you rattle them off at the end of a podcast? Of course not. They’ll typically tune out around #3…

We also have a tendency to get wrapped up in “paralysis by analysis,” meaning we’ll overanalyze EVERYTHING instead of doing what really matters: taking action.

Also, sending listeners to multiple destinations means you don’t know where they came from. Could’ve been a podcast. Could’ve been a recent email you sent. Could’ve been your new follower’s friend saying, “Hey, follow this guy or girl!” There are a number of different avenues that could’ve led them to your Instagram account, not just your most recent podcast interview.

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Here’s a better strategy…

When the host asks, “Where can we connect with you,” respond with something like so…

“Thank you so much for having me on your show today. I invite everyone to connect with me at YOURWEBSITE.COM/NAME OF PODCAST. When you do, you can get free access to my latest video masterclass and you’ll also find a link to follow me on Instagram.”

That’s it. One destination point versus several. Here’s why this is a much better approach:

  • Your interview wrap-up is cleaner, quicker, and more concise
  • Destination is easier to remember because it’s the podcast name the listener is currently consuming
  • It eliminates paralysis by analysis because there’s only one Call to Action
  • The page you set up is unique to each podcast you do, meaning you can get an idea of how much traffic that podcast brings you
  • A link back to your website = new backlinks with each podcast you do, thus driving your website authority up. SEO benefits for the win!
  • You can control the message on your site – leave a personalized message and let your new website visitor know exactly what you want them to do next

PRO TIP: Be sure to only share the link for this page on its designated podcast. Sharing it elsewhere will not allow you to gauge any traffic your page gets due to that podcast’s presence.

The belief is that you want to provide as many options as possible so people can find you where THEY spend the most time. But, in reality, you’re hurting your efforts by listing all the places where you’re present because multiple calls to action create confusion and, more times that not, lead to no action.

Don’t be the podcast guest with multiple calls to action. Keep control over where listeners can find you by supplying one destination where you can continue building upon the relationships you started when you were in the guest seat.


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