INSIDE THE INTERVIEW: How to Establish Brand Value With Podcasts

The Be BOLD Branding Podcast features bold personal branding stories & advice for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals who want to build an authentic, attraction-based brand that brings recognition and riches.Podcasts offer tremendous benefits to any brand looking to enhance their visibility and establish authority in their niche. Whether you want to launch your own podcast and create compelling, engaging content and/or build your reputation as a value-driven guest on podcasts featuring established audiences comprised of your target customers, there’s no denying the reach podcasts have…and the many ways you can take brand building with podcasts to new heights.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr on their podcast, Be BOLD Branding, and we had a great conversation about the power of brand building with podcasts and how you can use these strategies as one of the main pillars in your marketing initiatives.

Throughout this episode, the three of us discuss several key aspects to leveraging podcasts to showcase the value you provide to your customers, as well as the best ways to establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource that people want to connect with after your guest appearance concludes.

This podcast exists in traditional audio format, as well as a full-length video that you can view here along with time stamps from our conversation.

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ABOUT BE BOLD BRANDING: Bold personal branding stories & advice for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals who want to build an authentic, attraction-based brand that brings recognition and riches.

Let’s Get The Party Started [0:01 – 5:21]

As our conversation gets underway, Michael, Tonya, and I discuss our mutual love for the Steelers, Tonya’s past consulting work with Froggy Radio in my homeland of Pennsylvania, and a little known fact about who came up with the name for the Big Mac and why that nugget (see what I did there?) of history proves we should listen to EVERYONE…because you never know who has the next great idea.

The Growth and Evolution of Cercone Consulting [5:22 – 8:13]

I share the story of my brand and how things have evolved since I turned what was my side hustle into a full-time gig. How did I go from blogging about craft beer to helping leaders and professionals build their brand with podcasts? Details inside…

The State of Podcasting Today [8:20 – 14:14]

The conversation shifts to the meteoric rise of the podcast medium and the many, many benefits it offers to brands and professionals looking to create their own podcast, as well as make valuable guest appearances on established shows in their niche in an effort to establish their authority and showcase their expertise.

We also talk about one of the biggest plagues in the podcast space: podcasters getting fixated on download numbers. Your podcast (or the podcast you make a guest appearance on) is not just about a download metric. It’s about the value of the content and its ability to connect with the right audience. You need the right people to know you exist and that number doesn’t have to be enormous in order for you to make an impact.

Would you rather have your message be heard by 50,000 people who don’t give a damn or 15 people who do? 

The defense rests, your honor.

Why Most Guest Presentations SUCK [14:15 – 20:23]

You most likely know them as “pitches.” But whether you call it a pitch or a guest presentation, the vernacular is not what’s important here. It’s at this point in the conversation that we shift our focus to the fact that most people pretty much suck at reaching out to podcasters when they want to make a guest appearance on their show. They don’t prepare, they reach out to any podcast within shouting distance, they don’t even check to see if the podcast accepts guests. They also don’t have their own house in order, which is a crucial element before taking your game live and presenting yourself to a group of would-be followers and customers. Check out our takes on this important aspect of brand building with podcasts!

How to Position Yourself as a Valuable Asset [20:24 – 23:31]

It’s not just about your interview. It’s about every facet of the relationship you’re building with those you’re collaborating with, as well as the audience you’re speaking to. If you do things right and treat podcasts as the powerful networking entity they are, you can monetize your interview before it goes live. You can get additional guest opportunities without lifting a finger. You can open up a large number of opportunities just by rooting yourself in value.

The Podcast Community Is… [23:32 – 25:28]

Collaborative. Friendly. Full of people looking out for one another. Why WOULDN’T you want to build your brand in an arena like this?!

Leave the Gun. Take the Cannolis… [25:41 – 28:56]

I share a story from my family’s past that’s…sigh…a real hit…

Tonya & Michael Hit Me With The Big 5 [28:57 – 36:16]     

     5. Who do I serve (who is my ideal customer)?
     4. Exactly how do I serve those ideal customers?
     3. What qualifies me to serve them?
     2. How does working with me make those ideal customers better?
     1. What sets me apart from others in the podcast industry?

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