The Thing You’re Afraid to Say Is What Your Audience Needs to Hear with Tyler Foley | Evolution of Brand EP116

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Episode 116 Quick Summary

In Episode 116 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with accomplished film and stage performer, author, podcast guest, and storyteller Tyler Foley for an in-depth conversation about the power of compelling storytelling. In this discussion, you’ll discover that while stage fright may exist, the fear to speak in public does not, why you’re qualified to tell your brand story to the world no matter where you’re at in your brand-building journey, the art of compelling storytelling and why it’s important to captivate your audience, and a look at the PodMatch Guest Mastery book that Tyler and Jason both contributed to.

The Goods From Tyler Foley

  • Connect with Tyler on his website | seantylerfoley.com
  • Leave a 5-Star Rating and Written Review on Apple Podcasts for Evolution of Brand, send it to Tyler thru his site, and get a free PDF download of his book, The Power to Speak Naked + much, much more!
  • Get your copy of PodMatch Guest Mastery (and its sister book, Podcast Host Mastery) | Click Here

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Your story doesn’t have to be an “explosive Hollywood production” to be captivating, engaging, and valuable to the right audience. Your story is rooted in your authenticity and will resonate with the right people
  • Authenticity is synonymous with self-awareness. You need to know who you are at your core to truly represent yourself and your brand to the fullest extent
  • Stage fright is real. A fear of public speaking is not. We are not afraid of public speaking. We are afraid of public judgement

What You’ll Discover In Episode 116 of Evolution of Brand

  • Some background on Tyler – who he is, what he does, and how his brand has evolved
  • Why a brand story doesn’t have to be “explosive” to be compelling
  • How to appreciate the mundane in your life and your story
  • Why authenticity is synonymous with self-awareness
  • Understanding the lens in which you are telling your brand story
  • How to overcome the feeling that your story isn’t sexy or compelling
  • Does the fear of public speaking really exist?
  • How to put in the practice to overcome stage fright and improve your ability to present and tell your story
  • The story and evolution of Tyler’s #1 best-selling book, The Power to Speak Naked
  • Why your content (and your brand story) needs to be compelling if you expect people to resonate with it
  • The reason you need to be serving your audience at all times
  • The benefits of podcast guesting and what you can gain from a strategic podcast guesting campaign
  • An inside look at the PodMatch Guest Mastery book – available to purchase now!

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