How to Create a Life You Love with Gunther Mueller | Evolution of Brand EP032

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The Goods From Gunther Mueller

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Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • With everything you do, begin with the end in mind. If you have a clear vision of what things will look like once you reach a point of success, you can better prepare for the future and the next moves that come in the growth and evolution of your brand
  • Most people know what they DON’T want, but few know what they do. And we continue to create and attain what we don’t want because our focus is keeping the things we don’t want at a distance versus thinking with abundance and putting all the emphasis on what we DO want
  • Whatever you seek, you already possess. You are already it. You need to BE it to SEE it and awaken to the power of choice that you have! We aren’t broken…you already have everything you need to create the life that you love.

Show Notes

1:14 – A moment in Gunther’s life when he listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:22 – The most important lesson Gunther learned in his entrepreneurial journey
     – Perseverance and consistency

4:56 – Why is it important to begin with the end in mind?
     – When this company is running like a well-oiled machine, what will it look like? What will keep people loyal to the brand?

6:53 – The best advice Gunther can give someone who is building a brand or building as business is…
     – Find a hungry school of fish (that is looking for a solution to a problem)
     – Then create a piece of irresistible bait (the solution to the problem)
     – Once you determine what the solution is, present it consistently to your target audience/ideal customer
     – Solve a particular problem for a particular person instead of trying to solve EVERY problem

10:37 – How do you create a life that you love?
     – Most people know what they don’t want. Very few know what they DO want
     – Because of this, people continue to create what they don’t want because they’re focused on keeping what they don’t want away versus what they do want so they can attract the experiences they want
     – Focus on what you DO want with consistency and perseverance

11:28 – Why is the personal development space broken?

17:19 – People are not buying a product or service. They’re buying a TRANSFORMATION! They’re buying what that product or service will give them in life
     – EXAMPLE: You don’t go to Home Depot to buy a drill because you want a drill. You buy a drill because YOU WANT A HOLE

19:27 – Why we need to shift our IDENTITY, not just our mindset

22:36 – A major problem that Gunther has solved that’s added value to his community
     – Delivering on the promise you make to the marketplace
     – If you deliver, people won’t need to continue looking for the solution. They’ll find it in you

26:57 – Insights for beginners looking to utilize meditation
     – Simple meditation definition – to check in with one’s self from time to time
     – You don’t have to be religious or of a particular meditative tradition to create a life you love, or abundance, or optimal health
     – Quiet the mind and listen to the voice that is trying to communicate with you
     – Don’t talk. Listen
     – Don’t let the negative mental talk distract you
     – Don’t worry if you mind wanders at first. When you catch yourself, simply bring yourself back to focus
     – Begin to exercise the command you have over your focus. Bring your attention to what you want your attention to be on
     – Begin to ask yourself “Who am I and what is it that I want?” This is the beginning of creating the life you love

32:48 – What is Gunther’s 5-step Magnetic Mind Method?
     – 1. Know what you want and have a true choice
     – 2. Get into the emotion of the end result
     – 3. Create a structural tension in the mind so it doesn’t lead you down the path of least resistance
     – 4. Do a magnetic mind recode to change your identity structure
     – 5. Take obvious action

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