How to Make Your Brand Stand Out In a Noisy Marketplace with Michael Keplinger | Evolution of Brand EP139

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Episode 139 Quick Summary

In Episode 139 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with branding and consumer packaging dynamo Michael Keplinger for a powerful conversation about making your brand stand out in a competitive market. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover why you need to see AND build your brand through your consumer’s eyes, barriers that exist for brands as they look to make a lasting impression in their niche, how brand advertising has evolved over the years, and how big brands continue to line up against smaller brands willing to take more risks.

The Goods From Michael Keplinger

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • The Internet has shifted how we shop for seemingly everything today. However, the brands that are standing out and building strong loyalty are the ones who have built the same type of memorable customer experience in both online and in-person environments
  • Don’t hold your ideas too tightly because most of them aren’t original. And a lot of new innovative ideas are mashups of existing products or services with a new spin
  • Differentiation is a big part of building your brand, but you also need to focus your attention on your core speciality and not get impacted by “fear of missing out,” or FOMO. You may have skills and knowledge that can bring value to another segment of your market, but trying to branch out and serve too many masters will divide your attention and cause a lack of focus where it truly needs to be 

What You’ll Discover In Episode 139 of Evolution of Brand

  • An inside look at how Michael forged his path of success and developed his company Smashbrand
  • Lessons learned from launching his first product that still apply today
  • How the Internet has shifted the market and consumer habits
  • Steps brands have taken to create a parallel experience in both online and in-person environments
  • Understanding where your brand and your offerings fit in to the market and how they connect with consumers
  • What you need to do to grab a customer’s attention if your product is on crowded store shelves
  • Why you don’t need to hold on to your new ideas too tightly
  • How things will change when you begin seeing and building your brand through the eyes of your consumer
  • Understanding how consumers shop in today’s world
  • How advertising has evolved over time and how the number of brands pushing the same type of product impacts ads as well
  • Ways consumers view ads in today’s algorithm-driven world
  • Why you can’t build your brand around FOMO
  • Where brands are falling short making that important first impression with consumers
  • Why a traditional approach to market research doesn’t work in today’s business landscape
  • A piece of brand-stimulating advice that you can implement immediately

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