Dominate Social Media With These Top-Tier Tips with King Ashley Ann | Evolution of Brand EP140

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Episode 140 Quick Summary

In Episode 140 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with social media aficionado King Ashley Ann. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover how social media marketing has evolved over the years and what you need to be aware of to stay on the cutting edge, how to make an impact on social media regardless of your audience size, the reason video is dominating social media and the internet and why you need to be part of it, and how to maximize your social media presence by incorporating live streaming into your efforts.

The Goods From Ashley Ann

  • Join Ashley Ann’s Kommas Club to get access to her community, resources, and more | Text KOMMAS to 501-285-8966
  • Connect with Ashley Ann’s on her website | Click Here
  • Find Ashley Ann on Instagram and TikTok

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • In order to be successful on social media today, you need to focus on finding your niche, building a list outside of social media because of constant algorithm changes (and MUCH more), and having a powerfully-defined brand
  • It’s an unfortunate part of the digital world we exist in, but there are many people who will take advantage of you when and if they can. Be sure to do your due diligence up front to make sure the person you’ve found is credible. A strong indicator is their social media and digital presence and the type of value they’re bringing to the world openly for all to consume
  • Video content is dominating the digital landscape and there’s no evidence of that slowing down anytime soon. Society is enamored with short-form content for entertainment, education, and communication and the connection you can make with short-form content can literally be the vehicle that transforms your brand forever

What You’ll Discover In Episode 140 of Evolution of Brand

  • How Ashley Ann has forged her path to success and mastered social media marketing
  • The prime objectives you need to be aware of to succeed on social media today
  • The difference between a resource and an expert
  • Is the term “guru” aligned with “expert?”
  • Why it’s vital to do your due diligence up front to ensure you’re not getting into business with scammers
  • Why a strong digital and social media presence will help you establish trust with your current and potential clients
  • Why your message is the most vital element to your social media content strategy
  • The biggest differences in social media marketing today versus five years ago
  • Why video and short-form content is ruling the roost in social media today
  • How to utilize video in your brand with no production budget or fancy cameras (your phone is enough)
  • Where some big brands are missing the boat with today’s social media experience
  • Why short-form content is one of the most powerful modes of communication today
  • How the world has shifted to on-demand content and why you need to appeal to your audience in that capacity
  • Strategies for building your community with short-form content
  • When Ashley Ann realized the impact live streaming could have on her brand
  • Can you have an impact with live streams, short-form content, etc. even if your audience is small?
  • Tips for leveraging a live streaming series in your social media efforts

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