Myths & Misconceptions of Imposter Syndrome….DEBUNKED! with Sheryl Anjanette | Evolution of Brand EP138

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Episode 138 Quick Summary

In Episode 138 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic imposter syndrome extraordinaire Sheryl Anjanette. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the definition of imposter syndrome and why it can play a dominant role in our lives, ways to discover the positives within imposter syndrome, approaches that will help shift your mindset and get beyond feeling like you don’t belong, and many of the myths and misconceptions regarding imposter syndrome and why they’re simply not true.

The Goods From Sheryl Anjanette

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where someone feels like they’re not good enough in spite of their accomplishments. 85% of people experience this and the percentage actually increases the more accomplished people are
  • You don’t HAVE imposter syndrome. You EXPERIENCE imposter syndrome. If you say you “have” it, your subconscious mind is listening and makes it feel more permanent…when that permanence couldn’t be further from the truth
  • A little bit of fear is actually a good thing. Embracing fear as a positive is the only way you can grow. If you don’t face your fears, you’ll never overcome them and, by default, never unleash your full potential

What You’ll Discover In Episode 138 of Evolution of Brand

  • Sheryl shares how her brand has evolved over the years
  • What is imposter syndrome, why is it unique, and why does it matter?
  • How can the myths and misconceptions surrounding imposter syndrome impact you?
  • Understanding the difference between “HAVING” imposter syndrome and “EXPERIENCING” it
  • Research, statistics, and facts regarding imposter syndrome
  • What is the healthy zone and why does what exists inside it help you grow?
  • The importance of embracing fears and leveraging them to grow and evolve
  • Does preconditioning from a younger age contribute to imposter syndrome when we reach adulthood?
  • Can a fear of success and the unknowns it can bring lead people to find ways to avoid it?
  • The mindset shift required to get beyond imposter syndrome
  • Why you need to focus on the “practice swings” and “embrace the suck”
  • How to unleash your peak potential
  • An exercise to help you shift your minds

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