How a Short-Form Book Will Elevate Your Brand with Mike Capuzzi | Evolution of Brand EP107

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Episode 107 Quick Summary

In Episode 107 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Mike Capuzzi, the man behind Bite-Sized Books AND a novel (see what I did there?) concept that helps business leaders elevate their brands with short-form books. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover how short-form books can help you establish authority in your niche, how Mike helps his clients develop their “shooks,” the most important elements you need to know when it comes to writing and publishing a book, and why this form of publishing a book runs parallel with other types of short-form content that’s dominating the world today.

The Goods From Mike Capuzzi

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • A “shook” is a great way to bring people information they seek in a shorter, much easier way. A shook can be consumed in roughly an hour and, by design, is not meant to be something that contains every single piece of knowledge available. This short-form approach can give people a great introduction to your expertise while, at the same time, establishing you as an authority in your space
  • A Call To Action is important to any book so readers know what to do next. Many authors forget this important step and it’s hard to keep people in your orbit if you don’t guide them on their journey with you
  • Don’t get wrapped up in “content perfection.” There’s no such thing as a perfect book. Start thinking of your book on the level of “if I don’t finish this, less people are going to be impacted by my message.” Redirecting your energy will help you overcome trying to be perfect and, instead, put you in the mindset of serving your audience

What You’ll Discover In Episode 107 of Evolution of Brand

  • A look at Mike’s evolutionary journey
  • How books help establish your brand
  • What is a “shook?”
  • How to distinguish the most important content to include in a shook
  • How a shook is like a “trailer” to a movie
  • The importance of Calls To Action and how it helps guide readers on their journey with you
  • Why more authors are offering more resources to accompany their books these days
  • Some of the success stories Mike has experienced with his clients and how their brands have grown because of their shooks
  • How a book can plant seeds for future business interactions
  • Overcoming writer’s block and feeling like your content sucks and you want to start over
  • Internal obstacles authors face trying to finish their books/shooks
  • What you’ll learn when you listen to Mike’s podcast known as “The Author Factor”
  • Why storytelling is at the core of books, podcasts, and all content and the reason it’s such a critical element to getting any piece of content over with your audience
  • What you’ll experience writing a shook and working with Mike 

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