This Mindset Shift Will Change Your Outlook On Sales with Diane Helbig | Evolution of Brand EP106

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Episode 106 Quick Summary

In Episode 106 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author, podcaster, and sales aficionado Diane Helbig for an in-depth conversation about the best ways to conduct sales in today’s constantly evolving business world. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover why old school sales tactics don’t pack the same punch they once did, the importance of building strong relationships in the sales process, how to add value to sales conversations without being pushy or “too salesy,” and some examples of sales attempts gone wrong that Jason and Diane have each experienced over the years.

The Goods From Diane Helbig

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • In order to sell more effectively, focus more on the conversation and not closing people just for the sake of closing. For as long as we can all remember, that’s not how sales have been taught to us. But putting people in an uncomfortable position and practically forcing them to buy when they’re not fully ready can lead to you and your brand experiencing a damaged reputation…and the possibility of a return the next day
  • The strongest elements of ANY sales conversation/transaction are trust and the relationship you build that establishes the trust. This is at the core of all sales and if you do not establish trust, you’re setting yourself up to fight a battle that will never be won
  • When it comes to sales, “ABC” has stood for “Always Be Closing.” But you can accomplish much more in sales if you adhere to ABC as “Always Be Curious” and “Always Be Compelling.” This speaks strongly to the conversations you need to have to establish trust and take your relationship to a level that allows sales to take place

What You’ll Discover In Episode 106 of Evolution of Brand

  • Diane’s evolution in the entrepreneurial and sales space
  • What Diane’s award-winning podcast and award-winning book are all about
  • Why sales continues to play a pivotal role in brand building and the overall business landscape today
  • How to put yourself in a position for sales to be a more natural, flowing part of your life
  • The importance of building trust and relationships in the sales process
  • The best ways to add value to sales conversations so people still come back to you even if they don’t buy at the first interaction
  • Why a healthy relationship is the common denominator in ALL sales environments
  • Why the 30-second “pitch” is irrelevant
  • A new way of setting expectations for networking events
  • What does “ABC” really stand for in sales?
  • What will happen if you go into sales mode as a podcast guest
  • How are professionals dropping the ball when it comes to sales in today’s world?
  • Some actual sales scenarios gone wrong that Diane and Jason have both experienced

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