The Secrets to Speaking With Power & Confidence with Natasha Bazilevych | Evolution of Brand EP055

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The Goods From Natasha Bazilevych

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • A fear of public speaking could stem from a past failure dating back as far as childhood. In order to overcome this fear, you have to identify that issue and address it head on. Just like everything else in life, a past failure does not define who you are and what you do now and in the future
  • To speak with power and confidence, it’s important to speak with clarity, be audible, bring variety to your pace, tempo and inflection, and always have energy. Natasha defines this as the C.A.V.E. approach and this lesson can apply to much more than just your presentations and public speaking engagements
  • With all the changes the world has undergone thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking in a virtual environment has become much more normalized. To do this effectively, you need to harness the power of your imagination and put yourself in a spot where you can feel the energy you get from a live crowd even though they’re not in the room with you

Show Notes

1:46 – A time in Natasha’s life when she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and led to a major accomplishment

3:39 – Natasha’s story of moving to the United States from Ukraine just before the Russian invasion began

5:49 – The story behind Natasha’s evolutionary path, some of her major accomplishments, and when she discovered it was her destiny to help professionals become better speakers

8:54 – How did Natasha help speakers make the transition from speaking on stage to speaking in a virtual environment during the pandemic?
     – The energy of the audience is not present, nor do you have the ability to walk around the stage and embellish your presence
     – You have to focus on your imagination
     – Look into the camera and, in your mind, SEE all those people as if they’re live and in person

11:44 – Did Natasha always have confidence that made public speaking come naturally or did she have to work at it?

17:08 – What difference does standing make for presentations, podcasting, and other speaking engagements in regards to your confidence and overall delivery?
     – You breathe easier because your lungs and diaphragm are opened up
     – Your body is more relaxed
     – You have more energy
     – It’s healthier for our body and heart to stand
     – You can more and create more presence

20:12 – What are some of the big reasons people fear public speaking?
     – Health issues
     – Fear of the unknown
     – Fear of failure
     – Fear of judgement
     – Stems from a past failure that has stayed with them, even as far back as childhood

24:37 – How do you overcome the fear of public speaking?
     – Identify what is causing the fear and do the work necessary to get beyond it
     – Exposure therapy – gradually work your way up from speaking in front of very small audiences to larger audiences over time
     – Properly preparing for your speaking engagements

28:15 – A major problem Natasha has solved in the evolution of her brand that added value to her community

30:56 – How can you shift your confidence and skill set if you feel you are simply not a good public speaker?
     – Identify whether you have a fear of public speaking or love being in the spotlight, but do not know how to structure a presentation
     – Natasha’s Three Pillars – Mindset, Message, and Delivery
          – Mindset: Knowing your goals, your audience, yourself (self-awareness), what type of speaker you are, building confidence
          – Message: Structuring your message for storytelling and persuasion
          – Delivery: Voice, body language, posture, how to remember your presentation

33:19 – Why does the age-old approach of picturing the audience in their underwear simply not work and what are some better tips you can apply to your practices?
     – Reverse the thinking! Focus on them and think of yourself as coming to them as naked. It’s not about you…it’s about them! Come to them “naked” – being your real self, and help them get value from your presentation

37:14 – Speaking with power and confidence – how do we unleash a powerful voice onto the masses?
      – Natasha’s approach: C.A.V.E.
          – C: Clarity – voice must be clear, you articulate and enunciate
          – A: Audibility – open your diaphragm, open your throat to avoid mumbling
          – V: Variety – change up your pitch, tempo, volume, and pace
          – E: Energy – bringing enthusiasm to your speech or presentation
      – How do you practice and limber up your voice?
          – Tongue twisters
          – Practice projection
          – Drink water – not too hot, not too cold

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