Here’s Why You Need to Fail In Order to Succeed with Michael Harris | Evolution of Brand EP120

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Episode 120 Quick Summary

In Episode 120 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author, business coach, yoga teacher, and renowned storyteller Michael Harris for a needle-moving conversation about the impact of storytelling and the power of failure. In this discussion, you’ll discover the life-defining lessons you can learn from your failures, why a poor relationship with failure can cost you opportunities to grow, how your story can change the world when you tell it with conviction, and how podcast guesting can not only strengthen your ability to tell your story, but strengthen your overall presence at the same time.

The Goods From Michael Harris

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Failure is a good thing. It may suck in the moment, but when you can look at each failure objectively and discover the positives that will make you wiser for the next time you attack, you don’t even need to call it a failure anymore. You can call it a lesson
  • There are a number of things that will hold you back from telling your story, such as self-doubt, fear of ridicule or judgement, and being told by parental figures at a young age that you’re doing something wrong. But as you get older, it’s critical to develop a mindset that allows you to overcome those self-limiting beliefs and focus on the good parts of your story that can ultimately bring transformation to the world
  • If you have a bad relationship with failure, you’ll never learn from your downfalls and may never pick yourself up. Had Michael accepted his failure of only being able to walk 10 feet after a surgery earlier in his life, he may have never walked again…and, even worse, he may not even be with us today. It’s all about the mindset to keep getting better each day and not accepting failure as permanent.

What You’ll Discover In Episode 120 of Evolution of Brand

  • A look at Michael Harris – who he is, what he does, and how his brand has evolved
  • Why you can learn so much from failure
  • Why your story is powerful and valuable, no matter where you are on the journey
  • In our younger years, we fail constantly and everyone expects it. But when we reach adulthood, we try to avoid situations that may lead to failure, which leads to complacency and inaction. Why is that?
  • Why people hold back in telling their story, even if they know it will resonate with the right people
  • The reason you can’t shape your efforts based on the “highlight reels of others”
  • A look at the evolution of storytelling since the beginning of time and since our lives began
  • How skills we learn from “show and tell” in elementary school can translate to speaking skills as an adult
  • A closer look at authenticity and how it applies to storytelling
  • A shoutout to the PodMatch Guest Mastery book that Michael and Jason co-authored
  • Why podcast guesting offers the greatest stage for storytelling and why you should NEVER be in full-time sales mode when making a guest appearance on any podcast
  • If you show up with value as a podcast guest, the hosts will do the selling for you!
  • Why an instance from Michael’s past led to him doing a 2k butte climb every year
  • What is the Law of GOYA?

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