POD THEORY: Episode 131 – “I Need to Be Active On EVERY Social Media Platform For My Podcast to Grow”

Several years ago, before social media companies changed their algorithms and made it increasingly difficult to gain traction through organic strategies, it was not uncommon to hear that posting multiple times a day across various platforms was the best way to build your presence. Be present everywhere so people can find you everywhere, right?

Today, it’s a little different. As I said, gaining traction from an organic standpoint on social media platforms is all but dead. Plus, there are so many platforms to be on…and each of them requires a different approach to sharing and engaging. Post the same content across all platforms and you’ve got nothing more than an echo chamber that serves no purpose.

In an attempt to bring some sanity to your life, Episode 131 is all about debunking the myth that you have to be present and active on EVERY social media platform in order for your podcast to grow. This is an outdated mindset, yet many believe it’s still the way to roll.

Today, let’s talk about a new approach: going all in on one platform and letting everyone find you there. If you’re being told you need to be everywhere so people can find you, wouldn’t it make sense that those people are everywhere and will find you if you’re spending your time making one platform really, really good?

Travis Brown is the perfect guy to talk about this subject. He kills it on Instagram…and Instagram is where he’s chose to spend his time. Take a listen to how Travis has built an incredible presence on Instagram, then go follow him on IG and see what he’s up to.

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