This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 6-10

This Week On Pod Theory, we evaluate whether podcasting has replaced blogging, why you absolutely need to choose a topic you love to build your podcast around, the cardinal rule of podcasting, some tips to remember in the early stages of your podcast when you have no listeners, and the one element you need for your podcast to succeed. Dig in!

Episode 6: Has Podcasting Replaced Blogging?

In the early 2000s, EVERYONE had a blog. It took the Internet by storm. And, like most web-based platforms, brands and businesses found a way to leverage blogs as a means of communicating with their audience. Much like Facebook and Twitter, which were used for entirely different purposes when they launched, blogs became a focal point of content strategies for companies small and large – providing an online destination where news, product info, and industry innovations could be shared in full detail with the click of a button.

Fast forward to 2020 and what’s all the rage? Podcasting. ‘Starting a podcast’ is the new ‘starting a blog,’ and people, brands, and businesses are embracing podcasting as the hottest and most effective medium for connecting with consumers. In fact, many blogs are used to house podcast content, thus making the actual blog an overall hub for communication and connectivity across the Internet.

Has podcasting replaced blogging? I’m going to analyze this question in Episode 6 of Pod Theory and provide some statistics that help answer this question.

Episode 7: Why Choosing a Topic You Love is Vital to Your Podcast Success

If you’re like me, you can talk about things you love for hours and hours and never get sick of the sound of your own voice. For me, golf, hockey, fantasy football, beer, marketing, brand development, and, of course, podcasting, can keep me in true Energizer Bunny form…going and going and going………

It’s this mindset that often leads to the birth of a podcast. As well it should. If you’re passionate about something, starting a podcast that allows you to exploit those feelings can truly become a fruitful venture. And when you’re looking to amplify your brand’s message, a podcast offers a solid platform in which to do so.

I’m willing to bet you love your brand. So showcasing that love on a podcast will help you build a content medium that stands the test of time.

In Episode 7 of Pod Theory, I’m going to dig into why choosing a topic you love is an absolutely critical element to your podcast’s growth and longevity. The goal is to create something with long-term appeal, and basing your podcast on a subject that grips you will allow you to do just that while building a loyal audience seeking knowledge on your topic of choice.

Episode 8: What is the Cardinal Rule of Podcasting?

You could have a beer podcast, a marketing podcast, a financial podcast, a wrestling podcast, a sports podcast….doesn’t matter. There is one cardinal rule by which all podcasters must adhere to lest ye wish to lose listeners and never have thine podcast grow.

What is the cardinal rule? SPOILER ALERT: You’ll find it right here on Episode 7 of Pod Theory. Click the play button to learn more.

Episode 9: 3 Things That Will Keep You Going When Your Podcast Has No Listeners

Unless you’re starting your podcast with an audience you’ve built through social media, an email list, blog, and/or another medium, your episodes will likely fall on deaf ears as you get things started. You need to build an audience. And while that’s what your podcast is designed to do, it can get discouraging to see low download numbers when you’ve poured so much time and effort into getting your podcast launched.

Fear not, fellow podcaster! Podcasting, as well as starting fresh on any content medium, has its obstacles to overcome. If you take the necessary steps to build your audience, those numbers will eventually take off. And once they do, the sky’s the limit.

In Episode 9 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share three things to keep in mind that will help keep your confidence up while numbers are lean and you work to build your audience.

Episode 10: The One Element You Need For Your Podcast to Succeed

You could probably rattle off a dozen things without blinking that you think you need to make your podcast succeed and, chances are, you’ll be correct. BUT…I guarantee you’re forgetting the one thing that all podcasters need in order to launch their show and cultivate an active, engaged audience.

What is that one element? I’ll cover it in detail on Episode 10 of Pod Theory. Click the play button, details inside.

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