This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 36-40

This Week On Pod Theory, we look at some websites for finding awesome (and legal) music for your podcast, differences between evergreen and current content, the importance of mindset when it comes to podcasting, why creating blog posts for your podcasts is a wise move, and best practices for communicating with your guests. Enjoy Episodes 36 thru 40!

Episode 36: 3 Websites For Finding Killer (and Legal) Music For Your Podcast

Music is a major part of life. It inspires, it energizes, it consoles, it entertains.

Music adds character to your podcast and helps makes your production even more fun to listen to. How powerful would it be if your catchy theme song gets stuck inside someone’s head and they hum it all day long? They’ll be coming back to your podcast the second they get the chance!

In Episode 36 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share three websites that provide incredible music options for use on your podcast. Your choices will span thousands of options in numerous genres, all but guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect song to fit your show. And, the best part? All of this music is legal for you to use! Using copyrighted music is a big no-no, and I’ll get into why you want to avoid this pitfall at all costs on today’s show, too.


Spotify News: Spotify Launches New Audio Experience Combining Music and Talk Content
From Buzzsprout: 7 Best Places to Get Free Music For Your Podcast [2020]

Episode 37: Evergreen vs. Current Content – Which One Comes Out On Top?

When considering the content structure for your podcast, two big categories typically come into play:

1) Evergreen content, which is content that will hold value long after you publish it
2) Current content, which is content that covers current news, events, and happenings

Which one of these structures is best? I’m going to break down both and help you make that decision in Episode 37 of Pod Theory.

Both approaches offer a great way to reach your audience, but require the right amount of dedication and preparation to achieve. This episode provides pros and cons to both approaches and will help you determine which way is best for you to proceed with building your podcast’s content structure.

Episode 38: How Important is Mindset to Your Podcast?

Mindset is everything. It literally makes or breaks anything you do. A positive mindset and a belief that what you’re about to embark upon will result in a great outcome will do just that. Likewise, a negative mindset and a belief that things are going to blow up in your face will do just that as well. That’s the power your mind has.

Like everything else, the mindset you bring to your podcast is critical to how your production unfolds, how positive your end results are, and how consistent you remain in your mission to build your show into a content machine over time.

In Episode 38 of Pod Theory, I take a hard look at the podcast mindset and why it’s such a critical aspect of your podcasting journey. I cover why a negative mindset can ruin your production, how a positive mindset will manifest itself into a show everyone wants to hear, and why you need to find the positives in every situation with your show…even if something doesn’t go the way you planned. I may even bring a couple golf analogies into the conversation. Hit the play button now to find out.

Episode 39: Why You Should Create Blog Posts For Your Podcast

There are several advantages to creating blog posts for your podcast episodes. It gives your current listeners an alternative way to connect with your show and helps potential listeners discover you on a platform outside of their favorite podcast app. Additionally, it allows you to repurpose content used to prepare for your podcast and amplifies your podcast’s chances of ranking better on search engines.

Your blog post can serve as a hub for your current episode, featuring expanded show notes, an embedding of your recording, and any additional content you created for your show, such as imagery, slides, webinars, or videos.

In Episode 39, I zero in on why blog posts provide a major boost in exposure for your podcast. You’ll learn why you should take this extra step and produce a post for every episode you do, as well as what your posts should include (which I kinda just spilled in paragraph two of this show summary. Oh well, listen anyway!).

Episode 40: Best Practices For Communicating With Podcast Guests

Having a guest on your podcast is a big deal. It may seem like a common thing because guests appear on podcasts all the time. But there are many layers to the guest-host-producer dynamic that will not only help you build kick-ass content for your podcast, but build relationships that allow you to expand your network and, if you play your cards right, grow your upcoming guest list exponentially.

Episode 40 of Pod Theory is all about how to communicate with guests. I take this initiative very seriously, both for my podcasts, as well as my client’s podcasts that I help produce. I want to ensure that any guest that’s set to appear on a podcast I’m connected to feels welcome, feels appreciated, and has a clear understanding of what their role will be in the production of their episode.

In this episode, I break down my approach in detail so you can apply the same initiatives to your guest recruitment. Establishing strong communication with your guest from your very first interaction will pave the road for everything to go smoothly, from pre-interview all the way through episode publication and beyond.

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