POD THEORY: Episode 127 – Podcasting Is ONLY About Monetization

Building a quality podcasts can result in a lot of great gains. One of those gains, naturally, is monetization. When you create a value-driving machine, it can bring you solid financial (and non-financial as well) returns if you do things properly.

The problem is this: some podcasters think monetization is a podcast’s only purpose. And if monetization doesn’t happen fast, they get discouraged and abandon their podcast before it ever had a chance to take off and serve its purpose.

A podcast is more than just a revenue generator. It enhances communication. It builds your know, like, and trust factor. It allows you to create content on the world’s hottest and fastest-growing medium. And that’s just the start.

On Episode 127, Travis Brown and I debunk the myth that podcasting is ONLY about monetization and discuss some of the additional purposes a quality podcast can serve. While generating money from your podcast is a great thing and certainly a goal to keep on your priority list, there is plenty more to it and keeping your focus on key aspects of your production will help the monetization fall into place naturally.

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