Podcast Resources

The 5-Star Guest Pitch

The value you bring to podcasts starts with your guest pitch/presentation. Discover how to effectively present yourself as a value-driven, impactful guest with this 5-star mini-course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how to make podcasting a key driver in the growth of your brand visibility.

Authority Enhancement Guide

Discover how to enhance your authority and establish thought leadership in your niche by leveraging the podcast medium.

Personal Branding with Podcasting Guide

Podcasting is a powerful way to elevate your personal brand and go from unknown to undeniable! Check out this guide for tips and strategies on how to make it happen.

Podcast Guesting Masterclass

Discover some common mistakes people make as they enter the world of podcast guesting in my free masterclass, “5 Things People Fail To Do Before Before Becoming a Podcast Guest.

PodMatch Guest Mastery Book

I’m a contributing author in the best-selling book, PodMatch Guest Mastery. This guide features insights from 18 professionals who’ve elevated their brands using podcast guest appearances as a catalyst.

10 Tips Podcast Guesting Guide

Grab a free copy of 10 Tips For Becoming a Valuable, Fully Optimized Podcast Guest.

Free Podcast Workshop

Discover tips, tactics and strategies to amplify your skills on both the host and guest side of the mic. Hosted by Tristan Thibodeau and Jason Cercone.