Is Your Brand Experience Creative Enough? with Robin Landa | Evolution of Brand EP100

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The Goods From Robin Landa

  • Connect with Robin and discover ALL of her books + free resources on her website | robinlanda.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • When it comes to strategic creativity, it’s important to emphasize your current ideas and, when necessary, jettison outdated approaches that no longer serve you…even if you’ve utilized them in your practices for a long period of time
  • THE riskiest thing you can do in your brand building practices is remain stagnant and rely on “what’s always worked.” You need to continue to push creativity and stay on the cutting edge so you can continue to innovate and grow
  • Developing strong active listening skills can impact EVERYTHING in your life in a positive way. The way you build relationships, deal with friends, family, colleagues, and customers, how you close sales, etc, etc

What You’ll Learn In Episode 100 of Evolution of Brand

  • Why Robin has been dubbed a “Creativity Guru”
  • What is strategic creativity and why is it vital for brands to be strategic in their creative processes?
  • How to bring your creativity to the surface if you feel stuck or find yourself struggling
  • Why you need to emphasize your strategically creative ideas and jettison old, outdated approaches
  • Why the riskiest thing you can do in your brand building initiatives is stay stagnant
  • Why you need to possess a strong understanding of your branding, advertising, and design that makes up your brand
  • A key element most MBA programs are lacking and will said programs catch up and add this element
  • How mindset, context, and experiences impact what type of content you’ll consume at a specific time
  • Why price is irrelevant when the right experience is presented to you
  • What is C.H.O.I.C.E. Thinking and how does it contribute positively to the creative process?
  • Why your brand is 80% about your audience, 20% about you, and why that 20% needs to be about what you can do for your audience
  • Can you develop the skill of forward-thinking and understanding what people want or is it inborn? 
  • The benefits of digging deep and going beneath the surface with your interactions and the reasons why you do what you do
  • How active listening will take EVERYTHING in your life to the next level – building relationships, closing sales, having meaningful conversations, etc.
  • An inside look at the 25+ books Robin has published 

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