This Visionary is Changing the Face of E-Commerce with Max Drut | Evolution of Brand EP101

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Episode 101 Quick Summary

In Episode 101 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Max Drut, an e-commerce dynamo who’s breaking new ground and changing the face of the e-commerce shopping experience. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the major issue Max found in the e-commerce space and how he’s addressing it, how video is elevating online shopping and customer experience, the importance of building a strong community amongst your customer base, and what platforms you need to double down on as you continue to push your brand forward.

The Goods From Max Drut

  • Learn more about Lyvecom and take advantage of Max’s 50% off deal | lyvecom.com
  • Shoot Max a SMS Text | 201-655-0927

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Bringing the most powerful elements of video to e-commerce websites enhances the user experience and helps brands create a more engaging shopping experience for consumers. This is where the web is headed and Max and Lyvecom are on the cutting edge of this exceptional trend
  • Building a strong community amongst your customers is a vital element to brand loyalty. Having a healthy blend of short-form content on social media combined with engaging videos on your e-commerce site will lead to strong customer acquisition and experience
  • Online shopping has always been extremely transactional. However, with the major change in buying habits + brands creating similar experiences in their stores and their online environments, a shift to more e-commerce is expected as technology continues to evolve

What You’ll Discover In Episode 101 of Evolution of Brand

  • Some of the major accomplishments Max has experienced in the e-commerce space as his brand has evolved
  • How Max is leading the charge bringing video to e-commerce sites
  • Why video consumed on a website is much more powerful than video on social platforms
  • Some of the struggles brands are facing as they create video for today’s World Wide Web
  • How the videos Max and his team are helping clients create are bringing an “in-store” experience to websites, thus elevating the customer experience
  • Why video has taken so long to get to the e-commerce space
  • How brands will continue to utilize social media as video becomes a more active component of their websites
  • Has short-form video content changed customer buying habits?
  • What social platforms you need to double down on to enhance your brand presence
  • How does a brand that’s never used video before get in the game and come out of the gates strong?
  • Where is e-commerce going to be in 5 years?

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