The Biggest Mistakes Brands Make With Press Releases

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Episode 159 Quick Summary

In Episode 159 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Press Release Ninja and Media Relations Networker Mickie Kennedy. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the power of press releases and how they can impact your brand building efforts, how to create press releases that get picked up by busy media outlets, and how to build relationships with local media outlets and generate visibility for little to no money.

The Goods From Mickie Kennedy

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Top 3 Takeaways From Value-Packed Conversation

  • Press release strategy has evolved. It’s hard for releases to get traction if they don’t contain stories and are too focused on facts. Journalists love to tell a good story and if your press release stands out in this regard, it’s more likely to get picked up by more outlets, thus amplifying your exposure across the web and beyond
  • Due to the rapid pace of news hitting the wires today, investigative journalism simply isn’t what it once was. While most journalists will fact check to ensure they’re not reporting “fake news” (most, not all), they aren’t digging as deep as they did in the past to uncover all the details of a story. In that spirit, the more details you can provide, the better. AND it will allow you to control the narrative to some degree as well
  • Building relationships with local journalists is a phenomenal way to grow your brand and get your message spread when you need it. Position yourself as a resource with local outlets that journalists can turn to for news and information about your industry. This will keep you front of mind when you have news about your brand that needs spread + position you as an expert in your space 

What You’ll Discover In Episode 159 of Evolution of Brand

  • Mickie shares how he dodged the dot com bubble burst and how his brand has evolved over the years
  • Where people are missing the mark with press releases (to the tune of 95% of releases getting ignored)
  • The impact of storytelling in today’s press releases
  • Does storytelling go “against the grain” when it comes to the traditional approach to press releases?
  • How to leverage authenticity with press releases and building your releases around your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Why journalists don’t have the time to investigate potential stories as deeply as they did in years past
  • How to control the narrative with a more impactful press release
  • The best ways to leverage surveys and studies to gain momentum for your brand AND build better press releases
  • How to leverage local media to enhance visibility
  • How podcast guesting has helped Mickie build his brand and get in front of the right people

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