Mindset Shift: Are You Primed For Sales Dominance? with Merit Kahn | Evolution of Brand EP135

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Episode 135 Quick Summary

In Episode 135 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author, coach, trainer, and keynote speaker Merit Kahn for an in-depth conversation on the world of sales. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the meaning of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your sales practices, the critical role of mindset and focus when it comes to positioning and selling your offer, the three most important aspects of sales (regardless of industry, product, or service), and the advantages of always keeping an open mind.

The Goods From Merit Kahn

  • Connect with Merit and get your hands on free resources and much more | Click here

Top 4 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Professional selling is in a different realm. It’s critical to your success to understand where your expertise can help you AND hurt you in a sales conversation. Know the right questions to ask so you don’t sound pushy, but to understand what the issues people are facing so you can provide the right response
  • Building a relationship through powerful conversation will allow you to make a connection with someone that not only builds trust, but allows you to know more about that person than you ever could’ve thought possible. That stronger relationship could be the difference between closing and losing a sale
  • How does emotional intelligence apply to sales? Sales is about relationships. In order to have relationships with people, emotions are involved. You’re dealing with human beings, and understanding your own emotions and the impact you have on others is important to being effective in a sales capacity
  • Your mindset is going to dictate your results. If you emphasize a positive mindset, you’ll strive to close more sales and continue to work on your craft. If you lean more towards the negative, the likelihood of taking steps towards improvement and having a significant impact on someone is slim to none

What You’ll Discover In Episode 135 of Evolution of Brand

  • Some background on Merit and what she’s doing to change the world
  • The impact of relationships, connection, and being human in the sales process
  • Is there still value in the “one-call close?”
  • The importance of understanding where you expertise can help you AND hurt you in a sales conversation
  • How a stronger relationship can increase the likelihood of closing sales
  • The advantages of having an open mind
  • How to open someone’s mind before you even get to a sales conversation
  • How to bring down the “defense wall” so you can have a straightforward conversation
  • The P.L.A.N. Formula and how it impacts your sales approach
  • A look at emotional intelligence and the role it plays in sales space
  • How to ensure your sale is locked in before prematurely celebrating
  • A deep dive into sales mindset
  • The three mindset pillars you absolutely need to understand
  • A powerful piece of advice to tap into your emotional intelligence and sales mindset

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