4 Impactful Ways Coaches Can Stand Out With a Solo Podcast

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Why Should Coaches and Consultants Lean Into Solo Podcasting?
Amplify YOUR Unique Perspectives and Expertise
Tell YOUR Own Unique Stories
Establish a Strong Connection With Customers Before You Begin Working With Them
Use Your Podcast As a Resource to Keep People Engaged

In Episode 006 of Solo Podcasting Simplified, Jason Cercone shares four impactful methods coaches and consultants can utilize to stand out with a solo podcast. From good storytelling to deep, meaningful connections with your listeners, you’ll want to take notes and implement these strategies into your solo podcast today.

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Why Should Coaches and Consultants Lean Into Solo Podcasting?

If you’re a coach or consultant, you spend a great deal of time providing assistance, guidance, and motivation to your audience.

And that audience most likely consists of people in your inner circle – the ones who’ve taken the step towards investing monetarily in your knowledge and expertise – as well as your those who are part of your ecosystem, but haven’t yet made any sort of financial investment in your guidance.

Both serve as tremendous assets to your brand and speaking to each entity with clarity and confidence will strengthen your relationship with existing customers and clients while building trust with potential ones as you move them closer to the transformation they seek.

Solo podcasting can serve as a key catalyst for relaying your message and establishing strong relationships that grow your brand. This method of content creation should not be overlooked by any coach or consultant due to the effectiveness each episode carries with it.

Leaning into solo podcasting can change the course of your brand. And below are four impactful ways you can use this approach to podcast creation to your advantage:

Solo podcasting is the ultimate vehicle for communication and connection a coach or consultant could ask for!Amplify YOUR Unique Perspectives and Expertise

When you utilize solo podcasting to enhance visibility and elevate your brand, you keep the spotlight shining brightly on you…and you alone.

Featuring guests on your podcast can add a valuable layer to your content. But, by definition, your audience’s attention will be divided between you and your guest. 

When you’re the only voice in your listener’s ears, you establish a 1:1 connection and get an opportunity to spend some intimate time with them with each episode you produce.

In a world where attention spans are significantly shorter and a lot of time is spent consuming short-form content, the extended timeframe you get when a listener chooses to spend with you via your solo podcast gives you a big window to make an impact on their life.

And even if your episodes are shorter in length, that’s still a significant amount of time a listener is spending with you, letting your message resonate and generate change and evolution.

It may not seem like much on the surface, but that time adds up. And the more your listener listens to your solo podcast, the more invested they get in you, your brand, and your message.

Tell Your Own Unique Stories

We, as humans, are always down for a good story!

That’s why we gravitate to movies, books, TV shows, documentaries, even get togethers with friends where times past get relived through the power of story.

When we get sucked in to a good story, our emotional investment increases. When that happens, the likelihood of listeners taking their relationship to the next level with you increases as well.

This is why your solo podcast should serve as the ultimate stage for telling great stories!

Why you’re passionate about your area of expertise, experiences you’ve had building your brand and working with clients, how lessons you’ve learned from your own education apply to your listener’s journey…it’s all fair game and stories like these will leave your audience asking for more.

Stories are real.

Stories are relatable.

Stories show your audience you’ve felt the same pains they’re presently feeling and you have a solution that will help them get beyond those pains just like you did.

Solo podcasting is all about telling good stories. Tell yours and never look back.

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Establish a Strong Connection With Customers Before You Begin Working With Them

When a person makes the decision to invest in a solution, it’s done from a position of trust.

Regardless of how much content they’ve consumed from the resource they’ve determined to be their go-to, they feel they’ve established enough trust to hand over their hard-earned money in exchange for the transformation they want in their life.

And if that person has no means of getting to know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, they’ll turn their attention to someone who does.

Your solo podcast will allow to establish the strongest of connections with listeners…a connection that will elevate the trust they have in you to the highest level.

In many cases, many calls and interactions need to take place before someone feels a level of trust strong enough to make a financial investment.

But the connection made through your podcast can accelerate the entire process and make working together easier when the time comes. 

A relationship has already been established. They trust you to guide them from Point A to Point B.

Leverage solo podcasting to bring value and impact into your current and future client's lives.Use Your Podcast As a Resource to Keep People Engaged

But what if a person isn’t quite ready to make a buying decision? 

Do you cut them loose in hopes they return when the time is right?


You let them know you’re in their corner and you’re happy to have them in your community.

When the time is right, you’ll support them fully and welcome them into your inner circle with open arms.

But, in the mean time, make sure they’re listening to your podcast so they continue to receive value and guidance directly from you.

Some people are impulse buyers while others take their time before pulling the trigger.

If someone wants to spend more time weighing their options, your solo podcast will serve as a resource that continues to influence, inspire, motivate, and transform.

Not only can it attract new people into your ecosystem, it can keep the ones who have shown up in place until they’re ready to invest even more into the transformation you’re offering.

Are you ready to launch YOUR podcast? We should talk.

Solo podcasting for coaches and consultants is a great way to elevate your brand and take all your efforts to the next level.

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