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Episode 161 Quick Summary

In Episode 161 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with “The Arsonist” Angela Mulrooney for an in-depth conversation about personal branding and thought leadership. Throughout this episode, you’ll discover the major pivot Angela made in her career and how that transition earned her the “Arsonist” nickname, why personal branding is a vital marketing tool all professionals need to lean into, actionable strategies you can use to amplify your personal brand today, and how podcast guesting plays a significant role in positioning you as a thought leader in your niche.

The Goods From Angela Mulrooney

Top 3 Takeaways From Value-Packed Conversation

  • Your personal brand allows you to showcase who you are, what your values are, and that you are a good person. It goes further than just having a service to offer. It allows people to dig deeper into you to get a true feel of the human side, thus allowing trust to grow
  • The lines between personal brand and business brand have been blurred in today’s digital landscape. Sometimes professionals take things too far, to a point where their content comes off as narcissistic. Of course you want to talk about yourself, but there’s a limit…and ultimately, your message needs to relate to those who consume it. Overall, your professional brand IS your personal brand and it’s important to strike a healthy balance that gives your audience ways to get to know you
  • Sharing small pieces of your blueprint in chunks will give people tremendous insight into whether your offerings can help people achieve the transformation they seek. If you keep everything held tightly, people will feel you’re not sincere and may choose to ignore your message altogether

What You’ll Discover In Episode 161 of Evolution of Brand

  • Angela shares how her brand has evolved over the years and how she earned the nickname “The Arsonist”
  • How Angela helped speakers make critical adjustments to their approach during COVID-19
  • Why personal branding is a vital marketing tool all professionals need to lean into
  • The power of community in today’s business world
  • How your personal brand will be a driving force to help others fall in love with what you’re doing
  • How to strike a balance between professional and personal sharing/posting on social media
  • What can you gain by sharing small chunks of your business blueprint?
  • Establishing thought leadership through podcast guest appearances


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