What Roles Do NFTs Play In Your Brand? with Vince Warnock | Evolution of Brand EP096

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The Goods From Vince Warnock

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Giving away valuable information that could potentially be sold can actually lead to bigger sales on other products and services in the end. Give people value and showcase your expertise and they’ll want more from you!
  • NFTs serve many roles for brands, including engagement, connection, incentives, launching and kickstarting new businesses, even saving people’s lives. They go far beyond just a digital collectible and add a multiple new layers to your efforts
  • When getting into NFTs, crypto, and anything that exists on the blockchain, it’s important to understand security. Whenever a new way for scammers to rip people off arises, they won’t miss an opportunity to take everything you have. Know how to protect yourself and your digital assets! 

What You’ll Learn In Episode 096 of Evolution of Brand

  • The value and benefits of giving away information for free
  • How Vince’s podcast, Chasing The Insights, has impacted his brand
  • How the podcast medium can impact YOUR brand
  • What is an NFT and how can they help you connect and engage with your audience?
  • How NFTs can be used to kickstart and launch a new business
  • How NFTs can play a role in saving someone’s life
  • A better understanding of cryptocurrency and the blockchain 
  • What is contributing to the volatility in NFTs?
  • What you need to know about security on the blockchain and with NFTs
  • World renowned brands that are getting on board with NFTs and how they’re utilizing them
  • The best way for solopreneurs and small business owners to adopt NFTs into their practices

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