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The Goods From Alex Oliveira

  • Connect with Alex, check out his podcast, and get access to his free lead generation tools | dadpreneur.co 

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • A strong lead generation approach requires you to nurture any lead that enters your funnel. Most people are not in buying mode when they opt-in to your program…they need to feel the love in order to make that buying decision and the only way to do that is to nurture that lead over time
  • Without the art of storytelling, your brand simply won’t be as compelling
  • If you’re going to use podcasts as a lead generation tool, you need to recalibrate your approach and realize your job as a podcast guest (and as a host on your own show as well) is not to sell, but to provide value to the audience. No one wants to listen to an infomercial, so you must avoid going into sales mode at all costs on the podcast medium

Show Notes

1:30 – A time when Alex listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:22 – Alex tells his story – who he is, what he does, how is brand has evolved, and what gets his creative juices flowing

6:05 – Alex’s company is 100% virtual. Was this by design or something that was forced due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

9:24 – As Alex’s brand has evolved, what knowledge and skill sets has he obtained that he feels should be part of every entrepreneur’s arsenal?
     – The art of storytelling to grow your personal brand, as well as your company as a whole
     – Storytelling helps tremendously with lead generation and sales
     – Without storytelling, your brand simply won’t be as compelling
     – Many older, established companies that don’t utilize social media don’t think they have a story to tell, which is untrue. They just need to find the right platform to tell their story!

13:40 – Without customers, you have no sales. And without sales, you have no business. What can you do to create successful online lead generation campaigns that will truly bolster all of your efforts?
     – Content is one thing, but you need a healthy combination of paid and organic to make it work
     – An easy-to-navigate website with landing pages
          – Landing pages an opt-in form and strong call to action will help with conversion. Just sending a potential lead to your website will not increase conversion opportunities
     – Strong email campaigns with a drip campaign that nurtures leads for an extended period of time
     – Lead nurturing is of the utmost importance and cannot be overlooked

17:07 – Should nurturing emails present everything within the email due to the disparity between email opens and click-thru rates or should there always be a call to action that sends people beyond the email?

24:08 – We live in a time where attention spans are shorter and many companies haven’t caught up to the fact that we don’t want long, laborious sales pages. That said, there is still room for long-form content (such as podcasts), but many of us will look for the outcome in a much faster way
     – Where do people start when they’re in buying mode? In almost all cases, these journeys start on search engines or Amazon
     – Social media CAN be the start of the journey, but the timing has to be impeccable
     – Social media also has the negative connotations tied to it as well, despite having lead generation objectives via advertisements
     – If you have a service, spending all of your time on social media hoping to get leads may prove to be difficult because the space is very noisy already
     – Many people are not in a buying mindset when mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, etc

34:05 – Are podcasts a good tool for lead generation?
      – Yes, absolutely. But…you need to answer questions like the following:
          – Do you know who the listeners are?
          – Do you know who the audience consists of?
          – What kind of guests will you feature on your podcast?
          – Are you going to make guest appearances on podcasts and, if so, what type of podcasts?
          – What will the customer journey look like for a listener who follows your call to action?
          – What will you do with the leads once they enter into your orbit?
          – Are your podcast efforts for branding and awareness or are you looking to sell something?
     – If you’re going to use podcasts as a lead generation tool, you need to recalibrate your approach and realize your job as a podcast guest (and as a host on your own show as well) is not to sell, but to provide value to the audience
     – No one tunes into a podcast to hear an infomercial. Period. If someone stumbles upon something like this, they’ll more than likely bail before you ever get a chance to resonate with them

40:36 – What are some of Alex’s most powerful tips for effective lead generation that all brands can apply to their practices today?
     – The strategy will be different for a solopreneur versus a company with a sales team

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