Less is More: The Many Advantages of Niching Down with Darin Vilano | Evolution of Brand EP009

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The Goods From Darin Vilano

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Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Tightening your focus to a specific subject allows you dive deep into said subject and authentically project yourself as an expert in that area
  • Do not worry about download numbers, views, retweets, likes, etc. These are vanity metrics that don’t truly tell the story of your brand’s evolution. Focus on the value you bring to your audience with everything you do and the numbers will fall into place naturally
  • No matter what niche or industry you decide to attack, attack with passion. Having a passion and love for what you do will keep you going even when the inevitable tough times arise

Show Notes

1:36 – A moment in Darin’s life where he listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

2:46 – The inspiration behind The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast and how Darin launched his brand

4:44 – Does niching down on a specific region or subject limit your reach?
     – As Darin explains, it does not. He did not get into podcasting for the numbers or to make a million dollars.
     – “Define success in the way it makes sense for you.”
     – Doing a show that’s focused on small businesses allows Darin to go deep into that area and shine a spotlight on businesses that resemble ones that inspired his mission

9:23 – Some of the success stories that have come from The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

14:21 – How has Darin helped his community with his podcast?
     – Found a gap in the market for podcasts serving small businesses on a hyperlocal level
     – Find a problem…create the solution
     – Because it’s a local show, you can learn about a business via the podcast, then go patronize that business the very same day.
     – You can make connections with neighbors throughout the city based on what you learn when listening to the show

19:05 – Why you need to have a passion and love for your subject matter in order to keep everything moving forward no matter what
     – People who do things simply for metrics will eventually burn out
     – The key is consistency and getting better and better at your craft

22:08 – What are some other advantages to creating hyperlocal content?
     – Allows you to go “one inch wide and one mile deep”
     – Having a theme around your content makes you more discoverable via online searches
     – Darin learned from his past mistakes that having a broad approach makes your efforts much more difficult
     – Taking a tight, niched-down approach allows you to make strong connections and grow your network in your space
     – When people think of the product or service or niche that you’re consistently talking about, they think of you. This will help you stand out and be front of mind when consumers make buying decisions

30:17 – How Darin gets entrepreneurs and small business owners in Pittsburgh engaged in his content creation process and willing to take part in his show

34:19 – Even more advice from Darin on starting a local-centric podcast
     – Do more than just organic social media posts
     – Advertise when and where you can. Look for opportunities in local magazines or other local-centric platforms where your podcast would be relevant
     – Do live events when available
     – Look into merchandise that you can sell or give it away as a marketing piece

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