Show Up As You…Because Faking It Is Too Damn Hard with JM Ryerson

Check out my conversation with JM on the Let’s Go Win Podcast

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Episode 154 Quick Summary

In Episode 154 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with JM Ryerson, the host of the Let’s Go Win Podcast and the brains behind the Show Up As You philosophy. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover major differences between leaders at the highest level of their professions, how the original idea for JM’s Let’s Go Win and Show Up As You approach came to life over 20 years before he acted on it, and how showing up as yourself allows you to build your personal brand authentically without a facade.

The Goods From JM Ryerson

  • Connect with JM, pick up a copy of Let’s Go Win, and listen to the Let’s Go Win Podcast | letsgowin.com

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • You are your best version when you show up as your authentic self. When you try to put on a facade and lack clarity on who you are, it can lead to misery, broken relationships and a severe lack of results
  • When you try to fake your authenticity, you attract the wrong people into your circle. Many people have deep-seated reasons for wanting to fit in that stem back as far as childhood. But in reality, not showing up as yourself means you’re surrounding yourself with people who don’t truly resonate with your authenticity, which leads to a false personal brand that can’t establish you as the thought leader you wish to be
  • When you do fully embody your authentic story and brand, it allows you to bring people up to your level. You have an air of confidence in yourself that’s coming from an authentic source, making you much more attractive to those you encounter

What You’ll Discover In Episode 154 of Evolution of Brand

  • JM shares how his brand has evolved over the years
  • Why what you may regret the most in life are the things you didn’t try…
  • How JM’s current brand efforts stemmed from an idea first penned over 20 years ago (a true testament to tapping into your authentic story)
  • The key differences in leadership styles between Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes
  • What is the Show Up As You philosophy and how does it fuel next-level success?
  • Why people put on “masks” and move away from their authentic self
  • Understanding when a person comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime
  • Three common traits high-performing leaders need to possess to elevate others to their level
  • Are we slowly, but surely losing the ability to have difficult conversations in today’s personal and professional world?
  • Why the hardest conversation exists within
  • Where your focus needs to be to show up as yourself and the leader you were meant to be

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