How to Elevate Your Personal Brand Through Commercialization

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Episode 155 & 156 Quick Summary

In this two-part series on Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with personal branding and online business specialist Mary Henderson for Part 1 of an in-depth conversation about the commercialization of your personal brand. Throughout Parts 1 and 2, you’ll discover how Mary grew a startup brand by stripping away job titles and letting her team tap into their personal brands, the difference between building a brand and defining a brand, the key factors you need to emphasize to commercialize your personal brand, why understanding that we do business with other humans is vital to your growth, the role respect plays in the growth of your brand, and why a strong personal brand is more valuable than being famous.

The Goods From Mary Henderson

Top 3 Takeaways From Part 1 Of This Conversation

  • Allowing your team to amplify their personal brand and aligning them with work that fits their skill set will lead to better results than giving someone a fancy job title or job description. Tapping into someone’s authentic story and letting their creativity shine will make someone happy to bring the most effort to their work each and every day
  • When you’re showing up your unapologetic self, your external reality changes. That authenticity will bleed into everything you do and have a significant impact on everyone you encounter, thus leading to more positive relationships and substantial growth
  • Commercializing a personal brand means you’re taking all the inventory that makes up said personal brand – all the accumulated knowledge, mindset, skill set, authenticity, methods, strategy, etc – and converting it into a solution that can bring transformation to a person’s life. That’s where the dollars are!

What You’ll Discover In Episode 155 of Evolution of Brand

  • Mary shares how her brand has evolved throughout the years
  • How Mary shed job titles for her employees at her company and, instead, pushed each employee to showcase their personal brand
  • One of the biggest keys to personal brand that often gets confused
  • The impact of showing up as your unapologetic self
  • What is the difference between building a brand and defining a brand?
  • The importance of commercializing your personal brand and how to make it happen
  • What separates influencers from those building an authentic, undeniable personal brand?
  • How to convert your accumulated knowledge, strategies, etc into a solution that solves problems
  • What is the first step to commercializing your personal brand?
  • What you need to consider before you take steps towards lead generation

Top 3 Takeaways From Part 2 of This Conversation

  • When you understand how the human brain works and what a person wants to accomplish, you will gain a much clearer understanding of how respect works. If you can authentically put someone in the limelight and make them feel like a rockstar, you will gain a brand advocate for life
  • If you remove the human element of conversation from all your practices, you will lose so much in regards to connection and understanding. Having a conversation and letting things play out through that conversation is the ultimate way to discover breakthroughs that can literally change everything you’re doing
  • There may be thousands of people or brands who do what you do…but NO ONE does it like you. When you develop that mindset, you’ll realize there’s no competition and your authenticity will allow you to impact the right people

What You’ll Discover In Episode 156 of Evolution of Brand

  • The value of respecting others and the impact it has on personal brand
  • How much of an impact can a hand-written letter have in 2023?
  • Why breakthroughs are found in conversation, not it text and DMs
  • There’s enough out there for all of us to succeed…support one another, don’t try to push someone down!
  • There’s no competition when you realize your approach is unique and no one else can do it like you
  • Why are you trying to fake it? It’s too much work!
  • An up-close look at the 10,000 hour rule
  • Debunking the myth of needing fame to succeed





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