How to Create Impactful, Compelling Copy with Angelica Ross | Evolution of Brand EP013

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The Goods From Angelica Ross

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Just because you think you know the direction you’re supposed to go in life doesn’t mean that’s how things will play out
  • Treat each of your customer and client interactions as learning experiences that can help all of your future interactions go much more smoothly
  • Effective copywriting, as well as taking the time to proofread your copy, adds value to your brand and will help you make a deeper connection with current and potential customers

Show Notes

1:22 – A time in Angelica’s life where she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

1:58 – How Angelica makes a positive impact on other business owners through effective copywriting strategies
     – Connecting people that need to be partnered together for success

4:35 – Angelica was not looking to become an entrepreneur. She was constantly told about a “different” path. But circumstances she never expected combined with feeling undervalued in what proved to be her only “9 to 5” job forced her to make a major decision. And that decision is one she’s run with and has never looked back

7:25 – The last straw that pushed Angelica towards building her own brand

12:29 – Did Angelica ever feel like she made a mistake leaving her full-time job behind?
     – Absolutely, but each negative experience encountered on the entrepreneurial path was treated as a lesson that would help her improve going forward

15:57 – A major problem Angelica has solved as her brand has evolved that’s added value to her community
     – “Each person I work with helps make the next client relationship better.”
     – Always keep the learning and growth process front of mind

17:50 – Why should brands be placing more importance on effective copywriting?
     – EVERYTHING is in words (in some way, shape, or form)!
     – “Words make up our world.”
     – If you can use your words more effectively, you can be more connected to the people around you and bring more attention to your brand
     – Effective copywriting brings storytelling center stage and enable personal attachment to a brand/company
     – No one wants to be preached to anymore
     – Effective copy tells a story that can push pain points and make people realize how using a specific product can change their life

21:49 – Why have standards of proofreading gone 50 miles off the reservation today?
     – Everyone has a voice thanks to social media. Unfortunately, many people spell very poorly
     – Overall grammar and punctuation is forgotten as people get older
     – Is voice technology trending towards completely replacing typing?
     – Since we are churning out tons of content, proofreading is the aspect of the process that people feel they can ignore. Content just needs to get out there, proofreading be damned
     – Proofreading is all about pride. Be proud enough of your brand to make sure your copy looks its best before it gets published
     – “The more errors you have in your copy, the cheaper your brand looks.”

29:04 – Advice for anyone who is struggling with their copywriting and looking for ways to improve
     – Put in the work and strive to get better and your efforts will pay off over time

31:19 – What are Untitled Journal Cards and how can you get a deck of your own?
     – Tools for self-discovery
     – Use these cards in your daily writing experiences or to spark deep, meaningful conversations
     – Get your deck of Untitled Journal Cards at untitledcards.com and use the promo code EOB to get 10% off your purchase

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