Does Your Website Effectively Rep Your Brand? with Lindy Nowak | Evolution of Brand EP098

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The Goods From Lindy Nowak

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Don’t write the copy for your own website without having someone with objective eyes look at what you’re doing. When you’re writing for yourself, you can get so deep into the message you want to convey, your copy turns to straight jargon that no one will understand when they discover you. Additionally, the copy can become too lengthy and, inadvertently, cost you opportunities
  • We live in a world where content is delivered and consumed in a matter of seconds. In many ways, your website needs to serve someone in similar fashion because that’s where their attention span lays. For better or for worse, people make decisions at a much more rapid pace and you need to meet them where they are
  • In today’s world, it’s a non-negotiable that you have your own website to connect with and convert ideal customers. You cannot rely solely on social media networks to build your presence. Yes, those platforms are great for communication and awareness, but you don’t own the platform and things can change within those platforms that cost you serious momentum and visibility

What You’ll Learn In Episode 098 of Evolution of Brand

  • The evolution of Lindy’s brand and a lesson she learned along the way that all entrepreneurs need to know
  • Why your website needs to “tell someone the time, but not build them a watch”
  • Why simplistic, easy-to-manage, easy-to-navigate websites are more than enough to convey your message and connect with your target customers
  • We live in a world where content is delivered and consumed in short bits. Why does your website need to serve someone in similar fashion?
  • Lindy’s experience working with tech startups in today’s world and the impact of Web3 is having today and on website design/functionality in the future
  • The advantages of turning to an agency to make sure your website is optimized for success versus doing it 100% DIY
  • Why it’s absolutely non-negotiable that you have your own website and not rely strictly on social media to build your digital presence
  • Negative aspects you’ll experience if you don’t emphasize cultivating your digital presence
  • Simple aspects your website needs to attract and retain current and potential customers
  • Why you can’t just have “the kid who sweeps the floor” manage your social media in 2022 and beyond
  • Why your website is your #1 marketing tool
  • One of the biggest components of a successful website 

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