A Story of Inspiration, Perseverance, and Next Level Growth with Kevin Palmieri | Evolution of Brand EP097

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The Goods From Kevin Palmieri

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Money does not always equate to happiness and success. Money often times serves as a byproduct that allows you to achieve something in your life that brings you peace, fulfillment, and freedom. Attaining great wealth in a tremendous accomplishment, but it’s not the final piece of the puzzle
  • You have to be able to personalize your emotions. If you don’t understand your internal emotions, it’s very difficult to shift them and make positive strides towards growth and evolution
  • You can tell when someone is doing something for themselves versus the betterment of themselves, their community, or society as a whole. When someone’s motives are driven by the latter, they’re willing to pour more into creating the most quality, consistent product because they know others are growing because of that effort

What You’ll Learn In Episode 097 of Evolution of Brand

  • Some of the early trials, tribulations, and successes Kevin experienced and what happened as his timeline evolved
  • Specific instances that told Kevin the accomplishments he was making weren’t getting him close to where he wanted to be
  • Why you can’t fall into the trap of emulating “highlight reels” that you see on Instagram
  • Appreciating the struggle and the work it takes to achieve greatness in your life and why so many people shy away from telling those stories
  • The importance of building character in the evolution of your brand and yourself
  • Why people continue to operate that money will solve EVERY problem in their life
  • What happens when you personalize your emotions?
  • What led Kevin to building his entire brand on the back of the podcast medium
  • The power of underpromising and overdelivering 
  • What motivates Kevin to produce valuable, consistent podcast content each and every day
  • The most memorable moment in Kevin’s time producing the Next Level University podcast
  • The monetization strategies Kevin and his team utilized as their brand grew
  • Why you need to emphasize your mental health and seek help if you feel you need it (don’t keep it bottled up!)

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