Part 1 & 2: Conquer Burnout and Evolve As Your True Self with Rachel Sheerin | Evolution of Brand EP015 and EP016

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The Goods From Rachel Sheerin

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation


  • Do not be afraid to own your brand and amplify it to the world with the volume turned all the way up! Be aware your mission and message won’t align with 100% of the people who find it, but the ones it does align with will gravitate to you and fuel your evolution
  • Burnout happens when joy leaves the work that you do. As you feel yourself reaching those critical burnout stages, evaluate if what you’re doing truly makes you happy and whether a pivot in your direction will change things. “If not this, then what?”
  • Money doesn’t change you. It enhances who you are. Dig deep to discover your true purpose because money is just the byproduct that helps you achieve what you truly want in life


  • Social media has played a big role in warping our thinking and leading us to believe that results are instantaneous. In reality, results take time and nurturing. Focus on getting a little better at your craft each day and results will come…plus you’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way that you can carry with you for life
  • We aren’t here to just DO something. We are here to BE something. And be it for others
  • ROI = ROI: Your Return On Investment is equal to your Rate of Involvement

Show Notes


1:15 – A moment in Rachel’s life where she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

4:28 – What are the values Rachel has focused on and emphasized throughout her evolution?
     – “You can stay busy making money for other people…or you can GET busy making money for yourself”
     – Money doesn’t change you. It enhances who you are
     – For a long time, numbers and money meant a lot. But Rachel discovered it was the impact of affluence that she was truly after. It made her question whether making enough money without having the influence she wanted was truly worth it
     – Authenticity, generosity, giving permission to others to BE THEMSELVES – all values that capture Rachel’s focus
     – Allow yourself to be weird!
     – Seeing people do certain things can make you say, “Why not me?”
     – Rachel discovered the easiest sale she could make would be 1:1. But where she really wanted to end up was 1:1,000! This led to the birth of her brand where she trains and coaches people to be aware of their happiness and makes a real, significant impact as a keynote speaker
     – Happiness is a necessity. Happy people perform better. Happy people sell more. Happy basketball players score more points

10:45 – Do you ever get a feeling in your gut that tells you your passion has changed?

11:45 – “It’s not if you’ll be successful. It’s will you want the success that you get”

13:41 – How important is your name in the evolution of your brand?
     – Rachel felt she wasn’t “bold enough” to be her brand, therefore went with a different name when she first started out. But, at the end of the day, she learned what she hadn’t accomplished yet was actually her superpower! LESSON: NEVER BE AFRAID TO OWN YOUR BRAND AND BE COURAGEOUS PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO CONSUME

16:45 – What was the path Rachel was walking that led to her burning out?
     – She had every bit of success that she was TOLD she should want. And as that grew, so did her misery. Despite what seemed to be a great career, she cried on her way to work, as well as on her way home
     – When she reached that critical point, she quit her job without a plan in place. NOTE: So many successful entrepreneurial plights begin this way!
Rachel discovered she was a “workaholic” and didn’t know how to be defined beyond the work that she did

     – She knew to be grateful. She knew that things were good. She knew the problems she was having were problems she used to WISH she had. So what was wrong? She was massively successful in ways that didn’t matter to her!
     – “Work will never love you the way that you love work”

19:59 – Does “hustling” to build your business mean you should never sleep?!

20:59 – People avoid burnout because it’s so closely associated with failure

25:13 – What is rapid prototyping?
     – When you rapid prototype ideas and products, you get to an iteration much faster
     – The biggest inventions in the world are born from rapid prototyping
     – Despite its proven success, we rarely perform rapid prototyping on ourselves
     – Do not be afraid to try new things to discover the true direction of your brand. Try different color schemes, start a podcast, inject new ideas into your efforts
     – Build your brand to be something you like. Something that’s YOU!
     – TRUTH BOMB: Clients don’t really know what they want. “They’re not ready for the truth. They’re ready for us!”

27:43 – If you’re not authentic in what you’re doing, you’re going to get found out!
     – Don’t project one image in your emails, videos, etc, but a completely different one when interacting with people in real life
     – You can be “super serious” if that’s your brand
     – No matter what your brand stands for, it won’t resonate with every person. But, it will resonate with the right person
     – “When you’re running, it’s typically towards something…and it’s also from something.”

33:47 – How can you burn out and be successful?
     – Burnout is when joy leaves your work
     – What brings you joy? Are you putting those things into your calendar and aligning your values with your money and your time?
     – When high performers have an idea of who they are and why they’re doing what they do, they’re able to align their values and actions in perfect lockstep
     – People who burn out care very deeply about the work they do
     – When you’re burning out, if you make the decision to say “if not this, then what?” and say “what makes ME happy?” you have the power to make the necessary changes to take a different course and be happy with what you do


1:19 – Are we getting to a point in society where vulnerability is more accepted and easier to talk about?
     – “Vulnerability is having a renaissance moment, but I think it depends a lot on the industry you’re in”
     – Your ‘heroes’ play a big role in vulnerability. We may emulate a lot of figures from the past, but learn more about them and discover that, while they may have been titans of industry, they were terrible in other parts of their life
     – Will vulnerability and authenticity chip away at profits and success?
     – “You can’t be hungry today, plant a garden, and expect to eat tomorrow. That’s when you have to hunt. Your first 2-3 years in business as an entrepreneur, you need to be a hunter.”

7:26 – Social media has warped our thinking into telling us that results are instantaneous
     – Dedicating yourself to mastering your craft and getting better at it each day is a requirement, not an option
     – Your message will be much better received the more you focus on getting better at delivering it
     – LESSON: Instant results don’t exist. Stop trying to get them

9:26 – When you’re trying to build something big and sustainable, there is going to be learning along the way
     – What lessons did you learn during COVID-19?
     – “As you build your brand, forget what you do. It’s who you do it for, who you do it with, and what you leave in your wake.”
     – We aren’t here to DO something. We are here to BE something. And be it for others. 🤯🤯

12:34 – What are some strategies that will allow you to serve others and continue building on your purpose?
     – Rapid prototyping
     – Say yes to anyone and anything that makes you feel good
     – Stick to deadlines
     – Asking questions of people you respect and admire specific questions that will aid your growth
     – Corral negatives as frequently as possible
     – KNOWLEDGE BOMB: ROI = ROI: Your Return On Investment equals your Rate Of Involvement

17:55 – How can you stand out with your Out of Office replies?
     – Be sure to listen to this killer strategy from Rachel and click here to get access to her Out of Office templates and newsletters

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